extraordinary life

53 Suggestions From Wise People To Have An Extraordinary Life

I recall reading somewhere, ‘A smart man learns from his mistakes. A wise one learns from the mistakes of others.’ Awakening!

Mistakes are necessary to progress in life. But if we can learn from other’s mistakes, it is divine. There are three points I think I did follow in my life:

  1. Observe how others are doing in their profession. What are they doing that can be beneficial to me if I apply the same?
  2. Never feel afraid of seeking help. If I face any problem in my profession, I look for help from other professionals working in my field.
  3. Try not to break promises. Keeping promises develop the character, and people can trust you when you are in need.

I have taken life suggestions many times. I still keep seeking the advice! Nothing defeats the books. Vera Nazarian, an American-Russian writer, amazingly said:  (more…)

6 Keystone habits

6 Keystone Habits To Help You Achieve Anything This Year

Some habits are known as keystone habits because they lead to multiple habits. Studies and researches have shown if we focus only on keystones habits, we don’t have to change dozens of habits.

A man is nothing more than a series of his habits strung together like a necklace of pearls. If you find yourself talking less with the people, that’s habit. If you are a night owl, that’s habit. If people talk less or more with you, it’s because how your habits had an impact on them.

It’s all about habits that differentiate rich from the poor, healthy form the sick, happy from the melancholy and productive from the lazy. There are two categories of habits: bad habits and good habits.

A little gem, ‘Good habits are as addictive as bad habits but much more rewarding.’ Hence, the reward of good habits is what differentiates them from the bad habits. So the key to a healthy life is to develop good habits rather than bad habits. (more…)

62 Love Quotes

62 Beautiful Love Quotes To Understand What Is Love All About

Although this post is the collection of people’s perspective on love, I believe love is something which cannot be understood merely in words.  Everyone has a different philosophy of love, but truly, no one has its exact definition. Love is motivation, a divine power, too large and deep which can only be experienced.

It is an invisible force that makes human beings progress in their life. More than religion, the world needs love. It binds people to each other in a unique and unpredictable way.

I recall a story from my childhood:

On an island, there lived all the feelings together. One day, a storm came in the sea and the island was about to drown. Every feeling was scared but Love made a boat.

All the feelings jumped in the boat except one. Love got down the boat to see the missing member. It was Ego, standing far away from the shore. Love tried hard to convince Ego, but Ego didn’t move. Every feeling asked Love to leave Ego and come on the boat but Love, as always, meant to Love. It remained with Ego. (more…)

10 must mobile apps to save time

10 Must Mobile Apps To Save Your Time And Get Things Done

Technology has played a vital role in the success of many businesses. It has just doubled the rate of success. A long time back, where it took around 10 years or even more to create a successful business, today, with the help of internet, tools, programs and applications, the time to achieve the same goals has reduced to half.

Although smartphones can suck your many precious hours, it has brought a magnificent change in the productivity of the people who are aware of its advantages.

I’m always eager in search of tools or applications that can advance my productivity. I’ve used an incalculable number of mobile applications. Truly, there are a so many mobile apps on the web that of no use, if you are not running an online business. (more…)