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About meNakul Grover is the author of Superhuman In You. He is writing on spirituality and self help since 2014. Featured on various websites, his book and blogs have helped thousands of people to live an extraordinary life.


Dear reader,

In the above bio, I wrote about myself as a third person which I do not like at all. The only reason behind writing my introduction as a third person is to give my website a professional look.

As I do not know much about web designing, a dear friend of mine helped me to set this simple and minimalist website. You do not have to wander on the website to get the information you are looking for.

In case, if you are unable to find any information regarding self-improvement or spirituality, you can email me anytime. I would revert to you with a new blog post or send you a best possible link in order to answer your query.

What Should I Write Now?

Often, I get stuck while writing. This may also be a reason why I’ve not still written a fiction book. Whenever I make my mind to write fiction, I end up writing my autobiography.

Should I feel guilty? No, I can write my autobiography as long as people like my work. After all, not so many people can write about their own life. Originality is very rare to find. I’m grateful that I’ve so many stories to tell and information to share.

Every experience of my life gives me lessons to write and this is what I’ve been sharing on this website for the past couple of years.

Who I Am?

About meI was born (December 1994) and brought up in Sri Ganganagar, a city situated near borders of Rajasthan and Punjab states where Bagri and Punjabi culture dominates the society.

After completing my school, I was admitted to a college of Chennai (2013) where I developed the habit of writing in the leisure. During the second year of graduation, I wrote a book which was later rejected by the literary agents and publishers. What I found was that my book was nothing more than a junk. My writing was ridiculous.

Now, it was the time to craft my art. I began reading books. I was so upset with my writing (still I get disturbed sometimes, but I’ve accepted myself and improving) that I started reading self-help to keep myself motivated.

Also, self-help books inspired me to develop powerful habits to shape my own life. Later, I found myself reading spiritual books. A few books that made me spiritually strong are:

The words of the spiritual books became guidelines for me to tread down the spiritual journey. Now, the only thing I wanted was silence. I changed many rooms in search of solitude. I practiced spirituality for a long time and began to understand the world inside. I realized how the ultimate force is helping every individual in a tremendous way.

I wrote about my spiritual experiences in the book Superhuman In You which was published in November 2015. I was twenty years old when I got published. From that day, I have the vision to reach out the people and contribute to the society.

How I Spend My Day?

about meA writer cannot write all the time. He needs the inspiration to sit and write. Often most, he gets the motivation from reading a lot or else he has to create the mood.

Most of the time, I get the motivation to write from latter. I often go on long walks during the day. I take narrow lanes, touch the plants and watch the beautiful birds. The most pleasant activity during the day is playing with the kids. Kids are the best example of how to live a good life.

Without neglecting the fact that a man has to work to earn living, I do not waste time, worship my work and always try to give my best to help others. The nineteenth-century American political leader once wrote, “Happiness is the only good; the place to be happy is here; the time to be happy is now; the way to be happy is to help others.”

What Is This Website About? From Where To Start?

I started this website for sharing my day to day life, but later I transformed it into a self-improvement blog so that I can provide value in the life of others. This website is work in progress. My thoughts and perceptions may change over time.

Many people have asked me from where they can start improving their life? As always, my only answer starts from understanding one’s own world. How can you do it too? With the help of journal writing.

I strongly suggest you read the following articles before you continue your journey towards a more fruitful life.

Contact Me

I always love hearing about new projects. Also, if you want to write guest posts for my website, you can submit it at grovernakul142@gmail.com