118 Law Of Attraction Quotes

Top 18 Law of Attraction Quotes To Attract Health, Wealth And Peace In Life

Law of attraction is a philosophy that explains how our negative and positive thoughts bring positive and negative experiences in our life. The law of attraction is based on “pure energy process,” and as Rhonda Byrne wrote in The Secret, “Life can and should be phenomenal… and it will be when you consciously apply the Law of Attraction,” we can transform our life.

I studied the law of attraction first in Joseph Murphy’s book The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. The theories and philosophies explained by the author drew me towards the subject. Another book, I loved reading on Law of Attraction was Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life. The book is easy to read and have practical tips you can apply in your daily life.

Many of the books have been written on this philosophy. Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill have reached to the millions of people around the globe. U.S. Andresen’s book Three Magic Words (1954) became a forerunner of the current claims regarding the subconscious mind and the law of attraction. (more…)

best books to be more successful in life

9 Best Books of All The Time To Be More Successful In Life

You can not ignore the fact: The more books you read the more successful you become. Books do not only make you successful but also help you make peace with yourself.

Every book we read gives us life lessons. These lessons, if modeled, tend to transform the life for the better.

It is essential for a man to read good books, feed himself with thoughts of success and share his knowledge in the world around him.

To skyrocket the productivity and success rate, it is necessary for a man to read the high-quality content. Now there are so many books in the market and of course, you can not read every book. So to make your work easier I’ve listed down the 9 best books of all the time to be more successful in life.

After reading these books on success, you would have every secret of success you are searching for. Re and re-read to enhance your success in life. (more…)

The 5 Best Self-Help Books To Skyrocket Your Productivity

I’ve always been fond of reading non-fiction books. In fact, I’ve read many books again and over again to strengthen my life.

Although I go to the library once a week to borrow books, I spend 2000-3000 rs. purchasing books in the beginning of every month. It is only because I read the books carefully and deeply if I put money on them.

Often, a man does not take care if he gets something for free. He values the things when he pays for it. Paying money is not at all bad as long as you are constantly striving for a better life.

Non-fiction books have worked like a magic in my life. Although spiritual books drew me more towards them, I cannot avoid the role of books written on leadership and productivity in improving my life.

Now there are many books that promise a happier, productive and more successful life. We cannot read all of them. To make your choice easier I’ve listed down the top 5 best titles of all the time to skyrocket your productivity. (more…)

little things make huge difference

How Little Changes Bring Huge Difference In My Life (And How It Can Help You Too!)

When I feel down I try to observe the cause of my sufferings. It is easy for me to seize the pain arising from one or two ways. But what shall I do if I’m suffering from a lot of problems and emotions? If I’m feeling down because of so many things I create a list:

  • Got into an argument with someone.
  • The people around me do not care what I’m doing for them.
  • I’m overwhelmed by too much of work.
  • I need someone to talk.
  • I’m overthinking.
  • Oh God! My life is screwed up. Shower some peace.
  • It is hard to live a good life.

I sit on my bed and break down into little sobs. I’m upset and disheartened. I curse everyone on the planet. Fortunately, I remind myself that I’ve never been so weak to lose the control over my life.

I gather myself up. I pick up my phone and play Jaapji by Guru Nanak.

I peel off my clothes and go into the bathroom. I turn on the shower. While bathing I meditate on the words of Guru Nanak. I feel a little better. (more…)

dalai lama quotes

17 Remarkable Quotes From Dalai Lama For An Enchanting Life

I’ve always been fond of collecting quotations and proverbs in my journal. I keep a diary beside while reading books. Whenever a sentence catches my attention, I write it down. Then I read my journal again and over again in my spare time. This habit has benefitted me many times in providing content for writing.

I’ve recorded a lot of quotes in my journal. Almost every line has left a profound effect on me. I feel so connected to them that sometimes I think these sentences have been written only for me.

As I cannot handle the journal for a long time and lose it, I memorise the quotations by heart.

Quotes play a vital role in strengthening your point of view. Moreover, quoting others while writing or speaking makes you look more intelligent. But that’s the second thing.

The most important thing is to understand them and apply it in your life. Applying the quotes in real life is easier said than done. But by continuously feeding the mind with positive messages, we begin to develop a positive character which later brings a pleasant life. (more…)

peaceful life

How To Apply Mindfulness To Attract Peace In Life

As a blogger suggested me to write short content rather than writing long articles, I spent most of my time sitting in my chair doing nothing.

‘People do not read long content. Work on creating short and good content,’ the professional said.

This idea disturbed me. I had never expressed myself in short articles before. Whenever I try to make articles of around 500-600 words, I end up writing 2000 words. For a couple of days, it went like this that a fear of not being able to write caught me.

Writer’s block. I left writing.

I was depressed. I had not written a word for the past two weeks. My earnings went down. I smoked innumerable cigarettes. I avoided eating food. I didn’t bath for several days. I ignored my friends and the world around me.

One morning, I encouraged myself for a long walk. I drank tea for a nearby tea stall and went on exploring the streets. After an hour or so I discovered a tree in the far corner of the street which led to a forest. (more…)