How I am spending my vacations…

As the festival vacations have begun, half of the students have departed for their respective hometowns. The remaining half is using their time in sleeping, smoking and drinking. A few among them discovering new places to roam and a few are loitering to discover new places. Whereas I am spending my time with the same old friends and same old books of same old authors.
Though I got all the volumes of Swami Vivekananda to read, but it is quiet boring and full of knowledge, getting tough for my mind to digest. These volumes are now working as sleeping pills for me. I think it will take almost a year to go thoroughly from these volumes. 
I read these volumes all day long and when I get tired, I slap it down and read fiction to entertain myself. I try my best to avoid the outside world. I do not have friends who lament all day long for their career and future. Obviously, I do not want to kill my present thinking about my uncertain future. Whenever I step into outside world, I find competition, envy, anger, fear, fuming and fretting among people. These days a few new words — startup, entrepreneurs, CEO— are popular in the world around me. I mere think about these struggling areas. I found stories of Ruskin Bond and Khushwant Singh far better than the stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and so on.
 For me struggle is nothing more than losing patience. “Do not push the things. If it meant to happen it will happen,” a quote I recalled I read somewhere. I do not write to become rich or popular. In fact, I write once a week or two. I love reading books and that is what I do whole day long.
I too have dreams. My dreams are not that complex as compare to dreams of people around me. I do not want luxurious cars or fancy bikes or palatial apartments. I write because I want freedom. When I write I can feel my soul attaining infinite happiness. Most people have forgotten doing the things what they love. But in my case, I’ve forgotten everything in doing what I love. A brief poem of R.L. Stevenson is apt to explain what I am dreaming now:
Give to me the life I love
Let the lave go by me,
Give the jolly heaven above
And the byway nigh me.
Bed in the bush with stars to see,
Bread I dip in the river-
There’s the life for a man like me,
There’s the life forever

Six Ways To Attract Your Luck

I often feel lucky enough to get the things I ask without any hard work. Most of the time, my luck takes me to cloud nine and makes me feel how blessed I am. It is not like whatever I will say it will happen for sure. But, I do believe whatever I continuously think and say will surely happen in future. I’m not God, but yes, I do believe in Him, and I do not feel embarrassment while saying, I’m traditionally old and have faith in Him.
I am very grateful to my parents who taught me to live a life according to Dharma (righteousness). Above all, I am thankful to God, who made me study his scriptures and words, the highest of all the education and I feel so fortunate that not everyone gets the same vision I have.

Think wisely  A single negative thought can kill your 100 positive thoughts. We are living in a world where people are searching security to have a comfortable living. We do not believe in our self, get influenced by others’ opinions and as a result our vitality sags. And then we continue to form negative patterns in our mind throughout the day. While we sleep, these negative thoughts go deep down in our subconscious mind and releases electromagnetic energy which goes into the ether and returns to the conscious state in the morning. That has been thought will surely and certainly be manifested.

Stop being so serious We are not what we are eating, but we are what eating us. Jealousy, hatred, argument, resentment, fuming, and fretting became a part of our daily life. We catch fear and worries from people around us more quickly than we can catch measles or other infectious diseases.
Why so worry? No one is going anywhere by working hard or day in and day out. Everyone is going to remain in the present. Do you know anyone, who took life so seriously and reached in future? If not then stop worrying and start living. Become the child again and have a life of truth, honesty and happiness. ‘Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven,’ said Jesus.

Observe everywhere  What is luck? Believing in own abilities is luck. Living a life with passion is luck. Above all, grabbing opportunities is luck. Blessed are those who take risks and willing to achieve the heights, no matter whatever it takes. Observe everywhere. Opportunities are always there, waiting for us to grab. Now read this, ‘Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.’

Have faith on your luck The only thing which is impeding us to being lucky is believe. Bible says, ‘When you believe you become but you will realize it later.’ Bible talked about present and future tense at once. Bible wants us to accept that at the time we believe something is true, it becomes true for us but we will realize it later. Sun rises every day is an ageless promise, like that, mind filled with positive thinking promise immeasurable luck.

Make Him your friend Life gives us problems more than we are capable of handling. It does not matter whether we are a child or an adult, life will surely knock us down at every point. Accept, it is the duty of life to make us strong every passing day so why not let Him take the reins of life?
Some circumstances are not always in our hands. It’s better to sit patiently and relax till the hard times of our fate pass. Surrender yourself to Him. Keep calm. Tension blocks the flow of thoughts.
It is only in hard times when I feel how blessed I am. Believe Him; He knows what we know not.

Shortcut  ‘Keep your heart away from hate, mind from worries. Live simply, expect little from people and more from yourself. Help others. Fill your life with love. Do not fear because ‘For the thing which you greatly fear will come upon you…- (Job 3:25)

How To Be Wise In Life

Purpose Behind Your Birth 

My Life Without Worries

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Drugs Mind Meditation Miracles

Our mind is a tool to unlock the infinite secrets of this universe, if used in a high state. High state means when it gets the ability to concentrate on one subject for longer period of time and knows how to be in present. Human beings get 60000 thoughts every day. To work out the information from one thought is difficult. To avoid all the 59999 thoughts and to hold a grip on one subject for a long period of time is hard. If we see in past, we would find that singers, musicians, yogis, writers, scientists… had discovered unbelievable miracles in themselves. The discoveries they had done is amazing; the songs and dance they had performed were unique. The only thing helped them to unfold their big fortunes and to unleash their creativity was their mind. Mind is a brilliant instrument. There are numerous ways to get the big fortunes in life such as asking from God, hard work, sincerity, patience and so on. Among the above ways, getting high state of mind is the another path to become creative and complete tasks in short period of time. This blog will give you little information about unfolding the creativity through drugs and meditation.
            When we get new and unique ideas? We get ideas when our mind works slowly and refrain itself from all the distraction and fears. When we live in present and forget about our future and past our mind touches the infinite intelligence of the universe. I’ve listened people saying that a man consume alcohol because he wants to escape from his present and his current circumstances. However, it is not true. People takes drugs not to escape from the present but to live in present and to forget the illusionary fears of future and regrets of past. Drugs slowdown the number of thoughts per minute and stop the thoughts playing with emotions. One of my friends told me about the feeling on getting high on a famous drug, LSD. According to him the trip on LSD is so much effective that he can count the particles of the smoke puffed out from his cigarette. Most of the artists use this fact to increase their productivity. Albert Einstein, Bob Marley, Ghalib and Leonardo da Vinci are the few famous examples who had shown miracles of the universe to us by getting high on drugs.
            But, when I further moved in the subject of creativity, I found some astonishing facts about mind. What I come to know is that our sub-conscious mind is powerful. If we do mastery on our sub-conscious mind, we can even predict the future also. The infinite knowledge of the universe is already is in our mind. What we need is to separate our-self from our mind which drugs can never do. Getting high on drugs or alcohol can take you to heaven for short period of time but when its effect gets reduced you would again find yourself in the web of your daily life problems. The other way to build up your mind to make it more productive is meditation and positive messages. By doing meditation or reading positive thoughts every day one can achieve the level of greatness. Meditation means oneness with the inner soul. The effect of meditation is for forever. There are yogis in this world who have touched the infinite intelligence and serving human beings. ‘After ingesting ten pills of LSD, I came to conclusion that meditation is higher than these pills,’ a statement of a yogi I read in the book ‘Be here now’ by Baba Raamdas. Similarly, by reading positive messages everyday one can unfold his big fortune. Creative thoughts begin coming when you free yourself with all the worries and start believing in your abilities. Holy Bible, Holy Quran and Shri Guru Granth Sahib are the best books what I come across for imbuing my subconscious mind with faith and hope.
I want to end up this article here as there is no limit to write on human mind. I know the content of the article is not written in detail, but I believe that it has poured some knowledge in your subconscious mind. I’ve experienced tremendous change in my life after reading the following the books. I hope these books would enlighten you also.
1.      Power of subconscious mind by Joseph Murphy
2.      Think and Grow rich by Napoleon Hill
3.      Meditation by Swami Vivekananda
4.      Be here now by Ram Dass
5.      Mind is your business by Sadhguru
6.      Thinking fast and slow by Daniel Kahneman

An Old Woman

One Sunday morning when I was sitting in the boundary of my house, feeding tidbits to street dogs, I saw an old woman with a spherical water vessel of brass in hand, waddling towards the peepal tree. She had small eyes and her face looked as though it was amalgamated with several pale lines. She was dressed very simply in white salwaar-suit, and her hair doused with oil. As she came near by me, I bowed to greet her. She didn’t respond and made her way to peepal tree. I did not feel bad and continued to look at her.
           The old woman was aunt Jeny and I had always heard everyone calling her aunty. She was aunty of my parents, neighbors and their children, milkman, postman and even the aunty of uncle Kamesh, who took sanyaas from government services two months ago. I often wonder that she might not be aunty of her parents. I could not remember her looking young. She looked as old as peepal tree and her hair as long as the sprawled stems. Every morning, from past eight years she came to the rickety temple, setup under the peepal tree. As she sprinkled the water from vessel onto the iron bars which girt the temple, I could see the peace and calmness on her face. I do not know what power lies in the name of God which gives solace to everyone. I have never come across anyone who could say himself as a true atheist. I met atheists but never true atheists. Often people begin to say them atheist when some tragedy happens in their life and then the same people secretly pray from God to take them out of the hard situations. A couplet I wrote few months ago after heavily drunk:
Ae khudaa ye kaisa hai tera nasha
                                        Nashe mein bhi bolta hun ae khuda ae khuda
O God! What addiction of you I have got
In inebriety too, I mumble O God! O God!
           Then she poured the water onto the bark of tree and began to swipe off the blots. The stains clung to it when children hit the mucky ball while playing street-cricket. She was very calm and kind-hearted. She had never forbid any children to play there, nor did she feel resentment. But while meditating her prayers, she requested the children to stop the game in a fear that the ball might hit her. Then she would abide her prayers and the game of cricket would begin again. After wiping off the bark, she kindled incense stick and wheeled her hand in front of the portraits of Hindu Gods. Then she tucked the sticks, somewhere, near the portraits and began to mumble the lines from a small red book which had God Hanuman as its cover.
           Aunt Jeny along with her family came to our street, twenty five years ago, when I was not even born. I had never heard about her husband from anyone, nor did I ask. Long years ago, her son married with Deepa,. The brother of Deepa, Mr. Chawla caught me outside his house when I was waiting for her daughter (with whom I had a love affair) to arrive on the boundary of the house. Mr. Chawla slapped me twice and menaced if I would come again near the house then he would break my hands and legs. The only thing I noticed that day was the bottoms of Mr. Chawla were more rounded and bigger than his beautiful, arrogant wife. What he needs is to be cut the bottoms and dangle it on the main-door of house to ward off evil eye and spirits.
          As aunt Jeny slapped the book and placed it over the brass vessel, she softened red color sindhur on the top of portrait by her ring finger. Then she slipped into her chappals and waddled round the tree. After few more prayers, she began her way back to home. The calmness on her face again seemed to sink in dejection. The pallor lines again began to glint on her face. As she came near by me, I bowed to greet her. She didn’t respond. I watched her till she entered her house.
           The only words which left in my mind were of Quran, Surah 3 AL ‘IMRAN:
Kullu nafsin zaiktul maut
Every soul has to taste the death.