simplicity in life

Understand The Simplicity and Apply It To Transform Your Life

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I live in an attic which I had rented a few years ago. Most of the place in my room is acquired by the books. Earlier, I had a box where I kept my collection. As I purchased more and more books, the box got full and I left handling them with care. Now, the books are everywhere: under my cot, in my suitcase, on the table, and in the shoe rack.

Sometimes, in the middle of night, I feel uncomfortable in my bed. I stand up, take off the bed sheet, thump the bed and find books under my mattress. One day, I found a novel of an Indian writer, Jhumpa Lahiri, in my bathroom, under the soap box. Although, I really feel myself as a careless boy, but when I discover the books on unexpected places, it reminds me how much I love reading.

I’ve studied a lot of saints and philosophers and through their words, I’ve made my own values for a better living. Creating values are very important for a man to embrace a peaceful living. (more…)


This Is How You Can Earn Money From Your Talent And Passion

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There are millions of people on the planet who have talents but cannot do anything about it. The sad truth about them is without even exploring their passion they’ve discovered that their talents don’t have any scope for future.

You may be among those who love painting or writing or photography… But you do not have any notion what to do with it. Now you are doing it as your hobby, but life will not remain same as always. By and by, you get so busy in your life that you forget about your interest. Your hobby would just remain a part of your past and nothing else.

There were some people who claimed to me that they write far better than me. Often, they boasted their smartness and intelligence to me. Well, I cannot avoid the fact that they were smarter and brilliant. But one quality that distinguished me from them was my ability to take quick and bold decisions. (more…)


The First And Top Rule To Achieve Anything In Life

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I’ve two tables, each table filled with books. I keep my stationary on the left one. To break the mundane, time-to-time I move my chair alternatively between them. But, as the right table touches the corner of the room, making everything seems congested, I prefer reading and writing on the left table.

In the wall, there is a rack divided into five fragments. At the top portion placed the two motorcycle helmets. I do not have any two wheelers. Maybe these helmets are of those who stayed here before me. Once in a while, I wipe off the dust from them. Third, fourth and fifth shell is filled with my grooming stuff, curriculum books, and footwear respectively.

On the second shell, placed an old portrait of Guru Nanak. This portrait gave me all the faith I needed over the years. When I’ve faith on my Guru, I never doubted in my work. I’ve not written any article without the help of Him. (more…)

educate your heart

The 4 Minutes Read To Educate Your Heart

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In this age, we’ve forgotten to help people selflessly. Even if one helps us, instantly our mind starts doing reasoning to know about the reason behind his compassion. We see everything as a business and weigh it with loss and profit. No doubt, we are technological developed, but psychologically we are getting worse day by day.

A few years ago, I was confused, how some people are spiritually strong and how some are very corrupt. Oftentimes, I’ve heard that Gita is the way of living and in it lays an answer of our every problem. I made a point to read it.

In chapter 6, verse 41 to 45, of Gita I found myself reading, ‘Those unsuccessful in realization in this life will be reborn. Their efforts will not go to waste. They will ensure they are born in a wise family, where they can strive again. They will be driven to wisdom on account of memories and impressions of previous lives. By striving through many lives, they untangle themselves to unite with divinity.’ (more…)

The Way To Your Happiness and The Solution To Your Struggles

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Happiness is what really matters most in our life. It is the common treasure that everyone desires. Most people go from place to place in search of happiness, while some find it in small things and in little moments. These few people probably know:

‘Happiness does not come from results of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.’

There are many secrets to be happy in life. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of it. There is need of an institution or a kind of “Happy Club” where people should be taught how to be happy. The institution does not need teachers, but children. Kids can be the best guide from whom we can learn most about happiness. (more…)

Love Silence

Why I Love Silence (And You Should, Too!)

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In the extreme desire of becoming a writer and helping others to live their best self, I took reading seriously. Spending hours in the libraries, reading books, I began to live in solitude.

Truly, I read a few books till the end; most of the books in my collection are half read. It would be false to say, I don’t have the patience to read them. I always have an avid interest to learn more. The difficulty with me is that in the middle of every book a query arises in my mind.

To solve my doubt, I purchase a new book. I always hope I would find the answer. It seldom happens because, from the new book, a new question emerges. In solving one question, hundred more questions appear. In this way, I stuffed my brain with piles of questions. (more…)