The Loss Of Mintu’s Shoes And Mind

By the end of January, the marriage functions in India reach its zenith. And then there are millions of stories of sorrows and joys of families and friends attending the occasion originates. Every guest, suited and booted in branded and not-so-branded clothes have a story behind their excitement to look better than others. And such […]

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Paul Pogba quotes

25 Paul Pogba Quotes To Inspire Your Life

Paul Pogba is considered one of the best midfielders in ManchesterUnited. He has developed an outstanding record in the French team too. You never know when Paul Pogba is going to defend or attack at the same moment. He is one of those young footballers whose thoughts have inspired the millions of people of his […]

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will smith quotes

33 Will Smith Quotes To Empower You Towards Success

Will Smith has not only entertained us through his phenomenal movies, but also is one of those people who has motivated millions of people across the globe. Just like Will Smith Quotes, his life is equally inspiring and empowering. An example of hard work and self-discipline, Will Smith is has buttressed many people towards a […]

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