my clear conscience

My Clear Conscience

The middle man who struggles in his early life always gets enough to keep his body and soul together. It is good to be a middle man, but not as good as to live a happy and peaceful life. A beautiful life comes in either discovering the gifts dwelling in you or by learning how to be satisfied.

As us human beings have a congenital disease of desires, we can never we be satisfied with our self. We always want a little more. It is not at all bad to desire more. Desires and dreams are good. At whatever stage we are now is only because of our thoughts and desires of past. What you desire and think today, you will surely get it tomorrow. To live a beautiful life a man should always keep on searching the true meaning behind his life.

I feel good as a writer. I talk honestly with people, I share my knowledge with them, I inspire them and sometimes, I make them feel lonely with my old writing style. But frankly, I always try to help them as much as I can through my writings. I always feel better when I reflect upon the words of Mahatma Gandhi:

Vaishnavjan toh tainey kaheeye, jo peerh paraayee jaaney ray
(I know him as a man of God, who feels another’s pain)

I try to help everyone, but if someone breaks my trust I don’t feel afraid while abandoning him. I accept I too had broken many trusts and hearts. I regret it doing so and always do my best to avoid hurting anyone.

Another thing to make your life colorful is in learning how to entertain yourself. I impressed dozens of people with my ability to make quick humor. Now, people who know me very well laugh even when I pass a fart. Farting on the correct time, in the right situation is also an art.

I feel pity for the people who entertain themselves by watching videos on YouTube. Those people have a low sense of humor. There is no need to search humor on television or online. Humor is everywhere if we see it with laughing hearts. I found men has a great sense of humor while women have a great sense of rumor.

Whole my life I did what I liked, without caring what people might think and how they might react. That is another way to live a good life, without giving damn to the people. It reminds me of a quote by Rumi: ‘Sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think.’

Yesterday, I was a child, running on the streets behind the kites, spinning and gliding in the sky and now, I don’t know when I passed twenty-one years of my life. The only apt couplet comes to mind is of Mirza Ghalib:

Rau mein hai rakhsh-e-umar kahaan dekhiye thhamey
Naey haath bag par hai na paa hai rakaab mein.
(Life travels at a galloping pace; I know not where it will stop;
The reins are not in my hands, nor my feet in the stirrups.)


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