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How To Attract A Peaceful Life: 3 Steps To Know About The World Within

I was sitting on my rooftop and heard the muazeen called out the Allah sitting in the heaven from the masjid. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind and I was convinced to share my secrets of a peaceful life.

Sometimes, I wonder how the unseen forces of the universe touch us through the spiritual moments. The surprises these forces take before me are the signs that there is a supreme energy around us which cannot be explained in mere words but can only be realized.

I spend most of my time in solitude. People say in solitude a man feels the silence. However, it is not true. The solitude speaks a lot. It has a voice that can take you beyond this world.

Life and death are the two points in which we are roaming and I always chose to walk alone. Through the words of Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq, I see my own life.

Layi hayat aaye qazaa ley chalee chaley

Apnee khushee na aaye na apne khushi chaley

Duniya ney kiska rah-e-fanaa mein diya hai saath

Tum bhee chaley chalo yoon hee jab tak chalee chaley

(I came into the world, now death stands at the door,

I came not for my pleasure, nor do I go at my leisure.

Who in this world accompanies you on the road to death?

Keep going on your own, till you take your last breath.)

Life is even more beautiful when you accept that everything is impermanent and one day, we all will be in the house of Bade Miaan (Big Brother).

The three steps that I usually ponder upon have successfully made me savor a peaceful life.

Three Steps Towards A Peaceful Life

  • Stop Desiring. Never Stop Learning: The biggest suffering of a man comes from his desires. Through his desires, he puts himself in problems. He solves the problems and then he finds himself in new problems. The cycle continues.

On seeing these man I recall an equally apt couplet of Shaad Azimabadi.

Tamannaon mein uljhaaya gayaa hoon

Khilauney dey key behlaaya gayaa hoon

(In the web of desires I have been caught,

With the gift of toys have I been bought.)

We cannot live a peaceful life if we go along with the material desires. I always suggest people abandon material desires but never stop learning.

I’ve found my life as a writer and through this profession, I’m attracting wisdom in my life. I never refrain desiring knowledge. I strongly believe that knowledge takes us from the lower truth to the higher truth.

  1. Only those people cry who are still on the lower truth, but the people who have understood their purpose behind their birth says, ‘We wish God makes everyone rich so that everyone can understand money is not the solution to a miserable life.’
  2. Poverty is a curse. Keep a good bank balance for only peace of mind and remain happy because it is the only thing that matters most in your life.

peaceful life

  • Within Is The Cause And Without Is The Result: Keep a blooming flower within yourself and let the fragrance of its petals spread around the world.

To change the effect one must change the cause. To change the life one must accept and change oneself in the world within.

Fountain of a happy and peaceful life is inside us. Everything that exists in the world is the manifestation of our inside world. You feel lonely and the people around you seem to be lonely. You smile and the world smiles.

  1. Substitute your poverty with richness, ignorance with wisdom.
  2. Everything is in your inner world. The outside world is the mirror. You are the absolute truth. You are real and everything is your reflection. Your actions get the reactions.
  3. Your mature thoughts will become your reality. Think positive and have faith in your life.
  4. Faith is a living being. You need to feed it regularly by reading and hearing positive messages.
  5. Don’t roam around with negative people. Negativity is more dangerous than any other diseases in the world.
  • Face Your Deepest Sorrow: Your deepest sorrows will bring the deepest joy. Face your troubles and let the stream of your tears fall down. ‘Cry and you shall be comforted,’ said Jesus.
  1. When you look deeply in your sorrows you will find something shining and that will be the sign of your delights.
  2. Let all your regrets, mistakes, grudges and anger flush out of your soul. Embrace yourself and let your heart sing the song of happiness and bliss.

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