4 lessons to start your own journey

4 Lessons You Need To Know Before Starting Your Own Journey

Life is the greatest teacher I‘ve ever met. The teacher which has always pushed me beyond my limits, and gave me wings to fly. People ran from it. I embraced it and accepted it unconditionally.

By observing the mistakes what others have done I got wisdom and made own journey fruitful. And these words of an Indian scientist, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, which I believe I did follow: ‘Don’t read success stories, you will get the only message. Read failure stories, you will get some ideas to success.’

I’ve learnt a lot of lessons on my way to be a writer and through these lessons, I would like to share with you the top 4 lessons of my life that may also help you to achieve your higher self. These lessons always walk with me like a companion and boost me to win every game of life.

1) Without Dreams, There Is No Journey 

It was then when I was sitting on the last bench, disappointed by the news I read about conflicts between Hindu and Muslim which often occurs in India. I didn’t know professor Jobs who taught us mathematics, was noticing me. No sooner his lecture ended up, he came to me and asked the reason behind my turmoil. I told him about the news I read in the morning.

With a huge smile, he said, ‘Why don’t you change the circumstances and help people in improving their life?’ I looked at him for the first time and said, ‘I can’t help anyone. I’m just a little boy who can’t even convince his parents for a school trip. Why these millions of people will listen to me?’

Then he laughed and said, ‘My child, no matter how small you are, make sure your dreams are always big. Your dreams will become your true journey. Remember you little fellow of mine, the people who’ve dreams and courage to act are born to shine.’

That moment, I could sense his positivity and optimism reaching to me in waves. It was the first time when I realised why dreams are so necessary for every human being.

Many people talk about starting their own journey, but a few make it possible. The problem is not we give up on our journey, but the difficulty is we walk with an unclear vision. Without big dreams, a man’s journey is always filled with a thick fog of uncertainty.

I encourage you to find out what you really want to do with your life. What is your ‘Why’ that will push you back to your journey if you fail in life? What is your one big dream and how much effort you can put in your dreams?

2) Without Disappointments, There is No Journey

I heard a lot of time that when we start doing what we love we don’t have to do hard work in life. It may be true for many people, but it was not happening with me when I took writing as my profession. I was very upset with my work.

One day, I made a point to find people who are living a wonderful life without hard work. I interviewed many rich and wise people and I found no one among them who haven’t faced disappointments in their work.

I began reading books on self-help. After reading innumerable books, I stumbled upon a sentence of Ouspensky in the book Be Here Now by Ram Dass:

It can be said that there is one general rule for everybody. In order to approach this system seriously, people must be disappointed, first of all in themselves and then in their works. If he is a scientist he should be disappointed in his science. If he is a religious man he should be disappointed in his religion. If he is a theosophist he should be disappointed in theosophy. If he is an occultist… And so on.’

These few lines have a deep meaning. Everyone does hard work. Everyone faces disappointments.

If you also feel a sense of frustration in your work then I urge you to keep moving. Later, you will an answer of your every disappointment.

3) Without Incredible Skills, There is No Journey

It does not matter how many resources you have. If you don’t have skills then all your resources are futile and your work will become a burden on you.

Before writing my first book, I made a list of a hundred books related to my area of interest. I did read those books for one whole year. I crafted my art before selling it. As far as I could remember, I worked for 10 hours, sometimes 14 hours a day. The pain during my training was somewhat intolerable, but eventually, it made me a writer.

I still don’t have better command of English. Indeed, there are a lot of writers who write well. I respect them.

No doubt everyone is different, but a few are original. Originality is rare to find. I focused on writing with my heart and not with my mind. I wrote what I felt without caring what people will think and how might they react.

You cannot compare your efforts with resources. People often quit on their journey because they think they don’t have enough resources to go farther.

With the burning desire, extreme determination and willpower everyone can savour the bliss of the power lies within.

I respectfully want to ask you, what are your skills? How much time are you giving to your gifts? How many books are you reading every month? Are you busy or productive? Are you facing what you fear most?

4) Without Relationships, There Is No Journey

‘Victory is celebrated in the shade of friends and family, not in the bloodsheds of broken relationships,’ these lines I wrote just after the sale of my books went high drastically. It only happened because of my father.

As a self-published author, every other book distributor dodged my request to distribute the book in the shops. Obviously, who will buy the book of an unknown writer?

As my father heard about my situation, he ordered thousands of copy of my book. Then he himself became a distributor and roamed from city to city, distributing books to every bookshop he saw. At first, booksellers didn’t accept, but later, on my father’s pleadings they agreed.

Without my father’s effort, I would never have thought of continuing my journey. Many times we blame our parents for not supporting us, but, however, we are unaware of the sacrifices they had done for us.

It was not only my father who helped in becoming a writer. There are a lot of names in my heart who believed and supported me in different circumstances.

I was only 20 years old when I completed my manuscript. As I was a young boy, no one agreed to lend me the money. It was the time when I wanted someone to help me.

One evening, while sitting with my dear friends nearby a masjid, drinking tea, I shared my worries with them. The next day, a few of my friends came to my room and gave me the necessary money. My heart was overwhelmed on seeing their faith in me. I didn’t have words to express. I gave them a warm hug before seeing off.

I request you to take care of every person while going high in life. If you ever fall down, the same people will lift you. On treading down your own journey, you would get aware of the friends who will always remain true to you. You can count them on your fingers. Never leave them.

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6 thoughts to “4 Lessons You Need To Know Before Starting Your Own Journey”

  1. Brother
    Went through almost every writing of yours.Heard a lot about you from my brother Rohit Prakash about your way of living and your hardwork.Just wanna say that you and your writings inspire me a lot.
    Keep Writing.
    Keep Inspiring.
    Thank You 🙂

    1. Your welcome, Rohan. Glad you enjoy reading the post.
      Yes, Rohit is a very good friend of mine.
      And no, I used to do hard work. Now, it seems very easy to me 🙂 🙂
      Thanks for connecting… 🙂 🙂

  2. Thank you Nakul Sir… Each time I read your blog I get inspired more to give 200% in my life journey. Its because of you I can think of pushing hard everytime. You will be among those handful people for my success in life. Thank you. Lots of Love.

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