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4 Reasons Why You Should Start Living Alone Right Now

“I’m not saying that there’s better than mated bliss at its best, but I’m saying that living alone is as good in its own way. But we haven’t quite given ourselves permission to recognize that.” – Barbara Feldon
“It’s amazing living alone. I’m very lucky. It’s like a refuge.” – Paloma Faith

Are you afraid of living alone? If the reply is affirmative, this post will enlighten you on why you should start living alone.

Rajneesh remained my roommate for three long years. We created memories that I can still count on to be the best years of my life. He was a boy who could sleep for hours and spend all day in the room, with a pack of cigarettes and a movie played on the laptop.

If he was tensed, he would keep his worries to himself and head towards the balcony where he would sit on a chair and swirl the smoke.

Rajneesh was more disciplined than I. He would sit in the night for studies and remain focus till the dawn.

Unlike me, he never skipped the topics and studied every bit of information whereas I believed in my ability to memorize things. So, instead of going into the subject, I learned my study material by rote.

One common behavior we both shared was to never interfere with each other’s business. He never enquired what I was doing and where I was going. Nor did I. We seldom talk and had nothing to do with each other.

Moreover, my chin was always nuzzled into the books. I never noticed my friends going in and out of the room. If people gossip with me, I would dodge them and always tried living alone.

Over time, solitude became my habit and I found out four fundamental reasons that insist me to start living alone more often.

If you’ve fear – what if people or your beloved or your parents leave you amid of your journey and you’ve no option, except living alone, then you can accept this sudden shift in your life by counting on to the below listed four reasons.

1. Self-realization

The ultimate goal of a human being is self-realization. If you achieve this goal, you will be free. Solitude gives you time to think about yourself, about your cons and pros, likes and dislikes, friends and family, and everything from alpha to omega.

You’ll get aware of the general behavior of people. Living alone will make you more compassionate and help you understand that no two people can be same and everyone has his own perception of looking at life.

As you are living alone, you often remain silent, and silence is considered the foremost step towards spirituality. The less you spend your energy to the outside world, the more energy you’ll have to reinvent your inner world.

A man should avoid three things to see the change in his life while living alone:

  1. Avoid digital world. Think as if it’s the 20th century and the internet has not yet born.
  2. Avoid watching television.
  3. Avoid laziness.

2. You no longer have to wait for the external source for your happiness

In the beginning, you may feel uncomfortable while living alone, but the peace it brings for you will cross oceans and mountains in the long run.

Then you do not have to wait for the external source to bring happiness for you as it’ll become a part of your behavior. You start observing the life around you that most people don’t.

After living alone, I learned:

  1. People travel from pole to pole and some even to the Himalayas in search of happiness which is a sheer waste of time and money. If one starts living alone, he finds happiness in small things such as watching the army of ants marching down the wall or just looking at the birds in the sky and enjoying their chirpings.
  2. Living alone is scary but not as scary as living with wrong and downhearted people.
  3. You rarely take your surroundings for granted and cultivate seeds of mindfulness which over the period of time will guide you towards forever happiness.
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3. You go beyond your consciousness

Your perception of looking at life widens up and you’ll never be the same again. You go beyond your consciousness and get more involved in the present moment. As now you are living alone, you have a plentiful amount of time for developing your intellect too.

Following the below steps will help you awaken your intellect:

  1. Read a book on self-improvement or spirituality for an hour or two.
  2. Sit in meditation for 10 minutes every day in morning and evening.
  3. Absorb yourself in every activity you do. If you are washing the dishes, do that only. Feel your hands hovering over the plates. Clean them slowly, carefully, calmly and attentively.

Even the real essence of education is to expand the consciousness.

The more a student is focused on understanding his subject, easier it is for him to bring the mind under control and shift his focus to the real-life problems.

It is the lack of spirituality and ego, which comes with the education that ruins people.

Truly, blaming education for making people egoist would be a wrong statement. Instead, it is a man who mistakes himself superior to everyone makes him fool and arrogant.

Continuous realizing and learning about one’s own behavior eventually removes the false knowledge.

4. Living alone helps to find the purpose behind your life

Finding purpose behind the birth makes it easier to spend the life. For instance, my purpose behind the life is to share my knowledge with others through writing as a medium. So, I’m always busy in finding ways through which I can make my mark.

I don’t want to be a musician or a dancer. I’ve one thing to do and that is to write. No other profession; just one. Fortunately, I’m living my purpose for past couple of months.

While living alone, you’re at your leisure to do anything you want. There is no one to disturb you. You can try out new activities, hobbies and develop new habits which will ultimately find the purpose of your birth.

The following suggestions have helped many people to find their own path so it can help you too:

  1. Start reading biographies. Reading about the purpose behind the birth of others will help you to find yours.
  2. Try out everything because you can never find out what you’re capable of doing until you try out.
  3. Don’t think about if you could make money out of your passion.
  4. Fall in love with art and music.

It always seems frightening when you’re living alone, but every Eureka moment did happen in the solitude. It occurs when we give enough time to understand our own strength and weakness.

In this digital world, somewhere we’ve lost our own voice and identity. We know more about what’s happening in the life of our friends and neighbors than focusing developing own life.

We can count hundreds of mistakes in our friends and think ourselves as a perfect human being. We’re arguing, fighting and trying whatsoever it takes to prove our own perception and give no thought to see the world through the eyes of others.

This behavior brings miseries not only to us but also to the people who are a part of our life. Living alone gives us an opportunity to find our own limitations and bestows us the new understanding of life.

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  1. This post is a beautiful destination mark of Solitude journey. I really adored it while reading and getting through each reason’s profundity.

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