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5 Awakening Truths to Simplify Your Life

“Let today be the day you finally release yourself from the imprisonment of past grudges and anger. Simplify your life. Let go of the poisonus past and lie the abundantly beautiful present… today simplify your life.” – Steve Maraboli

Life is simple; we make it tough. Every moment seems like riding a roller coaster. Not a day passes by without hustling. Problems against problems bring the busyness of life.

Days and months pass by and we’re always struggling in a hope that someday we’ll break through the dreading routine and live a peaceful life and yet the day never comes. Desires remain unfulfilled. Goals never become reality. Unhappiness lingers on.

There is no permanent remedy to fix the problems. In fact, there is no way to end up the suffering till we’re clung to a materialistic lifestyle. But we can reduce the burden by simplifying the life and so does this post is all about.

Today, I do not inspire you. I’ll just introduce you to the 5 awakening truths that have helped me to simplify my life. It took me a long time to learn them and I do not want you to do the same.

These 5 truths to simplify life will guide you to develop every area of your life, from health to your finances to your happiness. To see a massive change in your life, model these awakening truths rigorously.

1. One Vision

Long years back, I found my interest in playing harmonica and I began to see myself as a musician, standing on the stage in a concert, having thousands of fan lost in my music. I joined online classes to develop my “harmonica skills”.

Then after a month, I switched my interest and started taking lessons in Computer Hacking as everyone thought it’s cool to be a hacker. This passion lasted not more than a week.

After wasting 4 long years in convincing myself that I can be a good engineer, I found no subject can bring my heart and mind together except English Literature.

Finally, a year ago, I decided to spend the rest of my life in reading and writing. This profession has its own difficulties, but sticking myself to one vision helps me overcoming odds of my profession. This vision brought respect, finances and helped me to simplify my life.

If you want to go big in life, stick to one thing. Practice your passion every day and bring yourself to the level of professionals in your area of interest. This will reduce burden and simplify your life to a great extent.

2. You Have A Lot of Time

I’ve heard people complaining that they don’t have enough time to do what they love and therefore they postpone their happiness for sometimes later.

Happy and successful people have the same 24 hours a day to live and the only extraordinary habit that helps them to bring most out of the day is the art of prioritizing.

If you spend your precious hours in achieving unwanted and ordinary goals, you’ll remain with no time to pursue exceptional goals. Exceptional people do not go big. They take little steps every day and remain consistent for over long years.

Prioritizing the day will not only let you simplify your life but also allows you to get the important things done first.

3. Invest 20% In Education

Do not limit yourself to just university education. Go beyond that and become a lifelong learner. In this competitive world, the demand is not for the better people but for the best. If you’re not best, you will not get the best.

It’s been over 5 years now that I’ve been investing 20% of my income in educating myself. I either join an online course or purchase a dozen books every month. You can do the same.

You can also subscribe to self-improvement blogs like this and get the life hacks to simplify your life. The more you know about life, the sooner you can lead a high-quality life.

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4. Break The Habits To Simplify Your Life

We are nothing but a series of habits and needless to say good habits make us while bad ones break us.

You love shopping, that’s habit. You hate shopping, that’s also a habit. Find those damaging habits that are consuming your time, your finances and your love-life and get rid of it.

Find those unhealthy emotions that are stealing your peace of mind. For me, it’s my anger that caused me to suffer. I was always disappointed with the people around me. But later when I understood everyone is different and I can’t change anyone, I dropped the idea of being an angry young man.

Yes, it’s difficult to break the habits. To start simplifying your life, pick one bad habit of yours and spend about a month or two in self-controlling yourself.

5. Chant Your “Today’s Words” To Simplify Your Life

Every morning I pick a few words and let them lead my entire day. The words can be as simple as “silence” or “educate”. If I pick “silence”, I remain silent all through the day. If I pick “educate”, I indulge myself in watching documentaries or reading a book.

On Sundays, I prefer the word “family” and spend my day talking with the dear ones. The days when I chose “write” I remain in my room and write. In this way, I learn to be focused on one task at a time, bring more out of my day and simplify my life.

You can also follow the same and start your day with a few days. Write those words on the back of your hand so that you’ll be reminded of the things you’ve to do.

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6 thoughts to “5 Awakening Truths to Simplify Your Life”

  1. You have awakened by your words illuminating basic aspects and the core seed of our life running from life itself…These 5 simplifying yet wonderful truths form a complete aura in living each day at its best and are fully admirable…And Just want to say one thing..Really I still can’t believe you used to be a angry young man…Looking forward for more of your words refining our Life….

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed reading the post. Yeah, I still get angry somedays, but then as Buddha says, “Anger is like drinking a poison and expecting another person to die.” Anger brings nothing but kills one’s own self. So, I try my best to let go of this devastating emotion. 🙂

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