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Develop These Simple 5-Minute Habits To Enrich Your Life With Positivity

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit. – Aristotle

Developing habits even if it’s just about nourishing 5-minute habits requires a right approach, patience and a commitment of 21 days.

I didn’t read books until I was 18 years old. Long time back, I stumbled upon an article about the advantages of reading. I gave it a try and ordered What Happens to Good People When Bad Things Happen by Robert Schuller from Amazon.

Every page I read heightened my consciousness to a new level and filled me with enthusiasm. However, It took me a long time to complete reading my first book. I had a reward of it – I began to love books and ordered some more self-help.

After a few months, I could read one book a week. Once, I read 10 books a week.

  • I was curious to try something new, and the ‘same try’ has become my habit now. The lesson I learned – until you don’t try anything new in the life, you cannot find what you are capable of doing.

Simultaneously, I started this blog and updated it twice a month. By and by, writing blogs also became a mechanical task for me. It became my habit. Today, I can write as many as 2000 words a day.

At the age of 20, within two years, I completed writing my first book Superhuman In You. It went well, attracted thousands of readers, a few thousand bucks and above all, encouraged me to write more often. At the same time, I learned a lot of more skills through reading a lot of books.

You see, how only by developing the habit of reading became a turning point in my life. Remember, I did not play small and seriously I avoided being an average reader.

Every time I pick a book, I think of breaking the record of Warren Buffet. He reads 600 pages every day. Truly, I never went behind 300 pages a day. But hell yeah! this habit paid me in a lot of other ways. All good habits that I’ve developed so far were started as 5-minute habits.

I’ve also written a guide on how I became a lifelong learner and what approach I did follow to read two books a week without hustle.

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To develop new habits, I turn them into 5-minute habits and then I usually follow three simple rules:

  1. First we create the habits and then habits create us. Happiness and prosperity are the results of the small steps we take day-to-day in our life whether we’re aware of it or not. So focus on healthy habits.
  2. It takes 21 days of consistent effort to make a habit automatic.
  3. Start small and develop 5-minute habits. Once your mind adopts the routine, you can do as long as you want.

The rule I admire the most is the third one. If you follow the third, you can see the outstanding results.

  • Always start small. If you want to read a book, read 5 pages every day. If it’s about adopting a routine of regular exercise, stretch yourself for 5 minutes every day. Not more. Not less. Just do the activity for 5 minutes. Your aim is to create the pattern in your mind. Once you create it, you can increase the count.

Over the years I’ve developed many small habits that gave me freedom from unnecessary worries and distractions. You can follow up the same. It hardly takes 35 minutes a day to develop these 7 habits. Remember that you should continue it for 21 days to see the real change.

1. Always use the timer while brushing your teeth – Compulsory 5-minute habit

It’s a no-nonsense headline. My goal is not to make you brush the teeth for five minutes. But it is to share with you the approach to tell your brain how to work with the time.

Set a timer of five minutes while brushing every morning and after 21 days of this 5-minute habit, you will be surprised to see how naturally you start doing the other tasks with time in a more efficient way.

I found this trick by chance. The dentists advise us to brush for 3 minutes, twice a day. Like always, I wanted to do more than what is required. I turned it into a 5-minute habit by setting out my mobile’s timer.

After continuing this habit for a month, I naturally started doing my every task with the helper of the timer. Surprisingly, I began to complete all my task within the framed time too. Now, I’m a huge fan of Pomodoro Technique.

2. Motivate yourself

Zig Ziglar, a motivational speaker, is famous for his saying, ‘People often say that motivation does not last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.’

Like food, we need motivation every day to work more effectively and live happily. I haven’t met anyone who accomplished a big goal without motivation.

Starting a new journey is more difficult than continuing it. You’ll find exercising your body is a fun once you enter the gym. But getting up from the bed and fastening your shoes at first place is a difficult task. Doing meditation for five minutes is not at all tough, but to make up the mind and to decide that you’re going to meditate is difficult.

Therefore, you need the motivation to get up every day and show off.

You can motivate yourself by listening to a podcast or by watching a motivational video on YouTube. If I’m lethargic and not feel like doing anything, I read 5 pages of Power of Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy.

3. Not-to-do list

This time don’t make a to-do list. Go otherwise and develop this 5-minute habit by making a not-to-do list. Here is mine for today:

  • Don’t use social media for more than 10 minutes.
  • Don’t drink tea more than twice a day.
  • Don’t complain gossip and procrastinate.
  • Don’t speak much and give advice until someone asks.

You can purchase sticky notes from the market and place them on the wall or at the study table as a reminder. So, what is your not-to-do list? Share it in the comment section.

4. Be silly at home

Instead, I should recommend being silly all the time. People love to hang out with whom they can go crazy.

There is a child in everyone who wants to make funny faces, fly kites, smear clothes while painting, build a sand castle, eat ice cream, and string beads in a rosary.

If nothing suits you, play a rock and dance madly. You don’t need a reason to be happy. Enjoy your own company.

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5. Compliments work like magic

Everyone loves to feel appreciated – especially when someone dear to you shares some kind words. How beautiful it is to make someone’s day, isn’t it? Moreover, saying positive to someone will bring positivity in your life too.

It is a lot easier and the good thing about giving compliments is that it’s free.

You just have to spend a few minutes every day. It’s worth of your time because it breaks the ice between two and builds a strong relationship.

6. Visualize yourself winning

Visualization is powerful. Backed up with the theory of the law of attraction, this concept will train your subconscious mind to make things happen according to what and how you think.

Like always attracts like. Remember reading the words of Buddha, ‘Think carefully because what you think becomes true’?

Visualize the aftermath of achieving your goals. How do you feel when you win? Who will be there to share those winning moments? How relax you will be if you’ve reached that height?

The more visceral your imagination the more you allow your subconscious mind to make things happen in the same way. To understand how the law of attraction works, read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

7. Take time to Journal

Enough said about the advantages of writing. Click here to read about this 5-minute habit.

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