5 Undeniable Truths To Live The Future And Make Your Mark

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may know that I seldom speak of future. But see, today, I’m talking about it. No… no… nothing has happened to me. I’m alright. In fact, I’m doing my best and constantly coming up with new ideas, new experiences and new life lessons.

But why all of sudden I’m talking about the future? Because it is uncertain for many of us. After all, I too am a human being and cannot stop my mind think of the future which looks hopeless.

Don’t panic if you’re still behind your dreams and the thought of tomorrow frightens you. There is a solution to every problem. There must be an answer to this too.

Well, we can’t see what is going to happen tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. Whereas life always moves on present tense, we human beings live in future and past tense.

You can’t move into your past and change what has happened. You can only learn from it. Let the past remains the past.

Now, what of future? It’s nothing but the reaction to the actions we commit in the present moment. A simple rule to follow: Think of future, but work in present.

As you work in the present moment, do not forget the below 5 undeniable truth to live future and make your mark. These undeniable truths to live future work every single time and their value can’t be denied in the 21st century.

1.  Update Yourself

I often ask myself, “What is the one thing that continuously helps me in improving my life as a writer.” I come up with a clear-cut truth, “Read more often. Write more often.”

The day I stop reading books and fueling my writing with knowledge, vocabulary, phrases, words and grammatical rules, will be the day I stop growing.

Like writing, this rule can be applied to other professions as well. If a businessman does not know what’s happening in the nation, he has to face loss. If a teacher does not upgrade himself, he cannot influence the students to take actions.

The future belongs to those who renew themselves by every now and then. If there is someone who has secured his future, it is the most up-to-date person. As every second time is changing, don’t be your old self. Change yourself with time and make your mark.

2. Temporary Pain Bring Long-Term Happiness

People often say if you want to savor a hard life, go hard on yourself. I go against this philosophy. It’s always the temporary pain that brings the long-term happiness to our life.

Writing a book is a matter of a couple of months, but the self-confident and discipline it brings stays with us forever. Working out for 30 minutes every day in the gym brings temporary pain, but a long-term healthy life.  As Muhammad Ali says, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

In order to live future and make your mark, accept temporary pain and commit yourself to the highest level of greatness.

3. Develop a skill

“Country is getting poor… there are no jobs… we will die with hunger,” a complaint I hear from everyone around the world. Believe me, it’s not the jobs that the country is lacking, but it’s the skills. A country is represented not by the people who do the jobs, but by the businessmen, writers, musicians, players and other professions where skills play a major role.

As you keep on investing in your skills and build an empire around it, you’ll find the income getting double and your work reduces to half.

For instance, when I started writing blogs, I wrote 1000 words in about six hours. Now, I could write the same word count under two hours — that means I can write 3000 words in the same six hours of time and therefore, my income increased three times in just a few years.

If you love doing something, continuously develop it. And if you don’t have any interest in anything then it’s a high time to cultivate one.

4. Get Financial Education

I invest in the courses and books every month which educates me to attain financial stability. It’s simply because I do not want to spend my entire life moaning for money. I learn about assets and liability so that I can make better financial decisions.

Money is an essential part of our lives and we cannot take it for granted. After all, it fills our stomach. And yet, it is unfortunate to know that no school and college educate students about financial literacy.

99% people deal in money in day-to-day life and thus it makes the financial education a fundamental part of our existence.

More than 3/4th of the population in India lacks financial education. Get yourself count in the remaining financially educated people. (Read: Rich Dad Poor Dad)

5. Avoid Wasting Your Time Complaining

It is something I want to tell you in every single blog of mine:

We’re behind our dreams because we are unlucky, our parents do not support us, we don’t have enough money, we don’t have time, the society is evil and a good person cannot come up easily, the nation does not have employment opportunity? No, not at all. We do not achieve our goals because we waste so much of our time in complaining.

When we complain, it grows and keeps on mounting. Complains make you feel better and force you to play self-defense. However, in long run, we develop this self-defense into our habits. We complain every time we fail and start blaming others which affect our relationships, mental health, and professional life.

The moment we stop the “blame-game” will be the moment when we take control of our life. Someone put it aptly, “The world becomes a better place when people get busy doing what they love instead of complaining about what they hate.”

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