how to attract luck in life

6 Ways To Attract Your Luck

I often feel lucky enough to get the things I ask without any hard work. Most of the time, my luck takes me to cloud nine and makes me feel blessed.

It is not like whatever I will say it will happen for sure. But, I do believe whatever I continuously think and say will surely happen in future.

I’m not God, but yes, I do believe in Him, and I do not feel embarrassed while saying, I’m traditionally old and have faith in Him.

I am very grateful to my parents who taught me to live a life according to Dharma (righteousness). Above all, I am thankful to God, who made me study his scriptures and words, the highest of all the education.

1. Think wisely

A single negative thought can kill your 100 positive thoughts. We are living in a world where people are searching security to have a comfortable living.

We do not believe in our self, get influenced by others’ opinions and as a result our vitality sags. And then we continue to form negative patterns in our mind throughout the day.

While we sleep, these negative thoughts go deep down in our subconscious mind and release electromagnetic energy which goes into the ether and returns to the conscious state in the morning. That has been thought will surely and certainly be manifested.

2. Stop being so serious 

We are not what we are eating, but we are what eating us. Jealousy, hatred, argument, resentment, fuming, and fretting became a part of our daily life.

We catch fear and worries from people around us more quickly than we can catch measles or other infectious diseases.

Why so worry? No one is going anywhere by working hard or day in and day out. Everyone is going to remain in the present. Do you know anyone, who took life so seriously and reached in future? If not then stop worrying and start living.

Become the child again and have a life of truth, honesty, and happiness. ‘Except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven,’ said Jesus.

3. Observe

What is luck? Believing in own abilities is luck. Living a life with passion is luck. Grabbing opportunities is luck. Blessed are those who take risks and willing to achieve the heights, no matter what it takes.

Observe, opportunities are always there, waiting for us to grab. Now read this, ‘Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.’

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4. Have faith in your luck

The only thing which is impeding us from being lucky is to believe.

Bible says, ‘When you believe you become but you will realize it later.’ Bible talked about the present and future tense at once. Bible wants us to accept that at the time we believe something is true, it becomes true for us but we will realize it later.

Sunrises every day is an ageless promise, like that, mind filled with positive thinking promise immeasurable luck.

5. Make Him your friend

Life gives us problems more than we are capable of handling.

It does not matter whether we are a child or an adult, life will surely knock us down at every point. It is a behavior of life to make us strong every passing day. So, why not let Him take the reins of life?

Some circumstances are not always in our hands. It’s better to wait and relax till the hard times of our fate pass.

Surrender yourself to Him. Keep calm. Tension blocks the flow of thoughts.

It is only in hard times when I feel how blessed I am. Believe Him; He knows what we know not.

6. Shortcut

‘Keep your heart away from hate, mind from worries. Live simply, expect little from people and more from yourself. Help others. Fill your life with love. Do not fear because ‘For the thing which you greatly fear will come upon you…- (Job 3:25)

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