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7 Excellent Short Self-Help Books To Change Your Life

The common question I’ve been asked many times that what is the one key that will develop individual’s personal and professional life. Well, the only answer is positive messages.

One of the biggest and definite philosophies I’ve read is the universe is not punishing us or blessing us. The universe is just responding to the vibrational attitude that we are emitting.

No one has gone any far with the negative mindset. Regular positive messages are necessary, for they give us hopes to live. And what else a man needs other than hopes? Hopes against hopes encourage a man to create a life he always dreams of.

If there are no hopes, there are no commitments and no actions… no control over the life and no change. And as Abraham Miller said:

A man begins to die when he ceases to expect anything from tomorrow.

Books work as a catalyst in enhancing the growth rate of our life because when the world says give up, books remind us… it is not the end, there is still a hope.

I cannot limit the advantages of reading. Apart from empowering us with the positive messages, reading benefits us in many ways and a few of them, I think is extremely true, are followed below.

  • 88% of wealthy people claim that they read for self-improvement for 30 minutes or more per day.
  • 85% rich people read two or more self-improvement books per month.
  • The people, who read more, fear less while taking risks.
  • Reading one book a month on a particular topic continuously for five years can make you count among the top 5% professional of the country.
  • Reading makes you smarter and improves brain power.

Some of the best books I’ve read over years to keep myself motivated are the short books. Quantity never matters quality does. Little books, I think, have been written to tell us the clear-cut truths. These books are just not based on the facts but on the experiences or a strong idea or philosophy.

I’ve been always a huge fan of little books. To date, I’ve read more short books than long ones. Moreover, flipping the books under the fingertips has its own pleasure.

I’ve listed down a few of the short books that have made a strong base in my life. I strongly recommend you to read the book to see the change in your life.

The Art of War, by Sun Tzu

the art of war non-ficition books

Back in 2015 when I was an aspiring writer I did a lot of reading. I spent many hours in visiting the college library and the second-hand bookstores where I could get the used books. It was another thing that I never purchased any book from those stores as the old covers never drew me towards them.

While surfing the old books in second-hand bookshops in Delhi, I made an acquaintance with a tall handsome boy named David, who was a tourist. We shared our interest in books. He picked up a little book from a bookshelf and gave me. He didn’t allow me to pay the price of the book. ‘This is a gift to a new Indian friend from my side,’ David said with a grin.

After an hour of talk, we exchanged our phone numbers and bade bye to each other.

The book David endowed me was The Art of War by Sun Tzu. While reading the book I got mesmerized by the wisdom of the author. I was overwhelmed. The life lessons of Sun Tzu were so influential that the Art of War has been a bestselling book for 2500 years.

Although the book has given guidance to military theorists and generals throughout the ages, it has now become a guiding line in the world of business. The book has 13 chapters, each of which is devoted to one aspect of warfare.

Number of pages – 62

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richard Bach

jonathan non-fiction books

As Richard Bach wrote, ‘we choose our next world through what we learn in this one. Learn nothing, and the next world is the same as this one, all the same limitations and lead weights to overcome.’

Learn so much in the coming years that you don’t have to go through the securities what other people are seeking for. Jonathan Livingston Seagull encourages the readers to go beyond their limits and fly high in the life.

This bestselling modern classic is a fable about seeking a higher purpose in life, even if your flock, tribe or neighborhood finds your dreams threatening. It is a must-read book for the continuous growth of life.

Number of pages – 96 ::  Check price at Amazon

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra

seven spiritual laws of success non-fiction

As far as I could remember, The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success was the first book which strengthened my faith on the road to a self-improvement writer. The book showed me that perspective what most people have forgotten to apply in their personal and professional life.

I’ve read and reread this book many times. In this book, Deepak Chopra talks about the seven laws that are pure potentiality. giving and receiving, Karma or cause and effect, least effort, intention and desire, detachment and purpose of life.

It is a concise one-hour read. Oprah Winfrey praised Deepak Chopra by promoting him and his book on Oprah’s book club.

Filled with timeless wisdom and practical steps you can apply right away, this is a book you will want to read and refer to again and again.

Number of pages – 96 :: Check price at Amazon

The Mastery Manual, by Robin Sharma

the mastery manual short non-fiction books

It was just after reading The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, I ordered all the books of Robin Sharma. Although many people loved reading his book Who Will Cry When You Die, The Mastery Manual interested more to me.

I was staying in the friend’s room when I finished reading this book. The next morning, when I returned to my home and searched the book in my bag, I found I left it in my friend’s room.

I informed him about the book. He told he would read it and return it to me. After a few days, I got a call from him. He was so delighted that he asked if he could keep the book for his own collection. He thanked me many times for allowing him to keep the book.

This book is a life-changing guide for personal and professional contentment. The Mastery Manual is packed with useful ideas and practices that will get you to great heights quickly.

It includes 36 life-changing sections, each of which will help you take your business and your life to the next level. I strongly recommend you to read the book if you are pursuing your dreams.

Number of Pages – 200 :: Check price at Amazon

Ignited Minds, by A.P.J Abdul Kalam

ignited minds non-fiction books

I could not recall how many times I’ve read Ignited Minds. Perhaps, five times. I’m not sure. But what I’m sure about this book is that whenever I read it I find something powerful in my gut.

In this book, Dr. Kalam shares his dream of a nation that is unrivaled, he discusses how he has, from his experience, met such skilled people whose visions can transform the nation. It is imperative that one searches for own solutions and find role-models in countrymen instead of looking towards the other nations.

It is true, as the reviews say, that the book motivates the young minds and forces the positive auras together to build the face of a new nation. Buy the book, if you still have not read it.

Number of Pages – 206 :: Check Price At Amazon

The Richest Man In Babylon, by George S. Clason

the richest man non-fiction books

Providing financial wisdom through parables, The Richest Man In Babylon was originally a set of pamphlets, written by the author and distributed by banks and insurance companies. These pamphlets were later bundled together, giving birth to a book.

The review given by the Los Angeles Times states every quality of the book, ‘What can a book written in the 1920s tell modern investors about their finances? A whole lot if it’s George Clason’s delightful set of parables that explain the basics of money. This is a great gift for a graduate or anyone who seems baffled by the world of finance and a wonderful, refreshing read for even the most experienced investor.’

Number of pages – 208: Check Price At Amazon

Eat That Frog, by Brian Tracy

eat that frog non-ficiton books

This book is one of my favorite books of all time. Whenever I feel lazy or procrastinate, I pick up this book and read 10-20 pages of it.

Eat That Frog also taught me what is the difference between being productive and being busy. Truly, this book is written to show you how to get ahead more rapidly in your career and to simultaneously enrich your personal life.

The book contains twenty-one most powerful principles of personal effectiveness. All the activities and strategies are practical, proven and fast acting. You do not have to wait so long to see the results.

As every idea in the book focused on increasing your overall levels of productivity, performance, and output and on making you more valuable in whatever you do, do not wait to grab this book.

Number of pages – 127 :: Check Price At Amazon


So here, I’ve listed a few short books that have helped me in improving my life. I cannot tell you a particular book that had contributed more to my life. Every book is empowering in its own way. It would be cruel to compare these books with each other.

I’ve read many books and modeled them from time-to-time. It would also be unfair to say you that by reading these books, your life will change overnight. But the one thing I assure you, these books can change your thoughts overnight. And what you think becomes reality.

Have you read any of the above books? Which book are you going to order today? Is there a little book I forgot to mention? Kindly share it with me and the readers in the comments below. Also, If you love reading the post, share it with your friends.

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