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Benefits Of Reading Books – How I Advanced My Life By Just Reading Books And How You Can Do So

Benefits of Reading Books: Reading Time: 8 Minutes

No doubt, reading books have changed the life of many people. If you study the successful people you find that reading books are one of the common habits among them.

Earlier, Warren Buffet used to read 500 pages every day. Then he devoured between 600-1000 pages in a day. He still devotes 80% of his day in reading.

While in the white house, Theodore Roosevelt would read a book every day before his breakfast. Sometimes, when he didn’t have official meetings, he would end up reading two or three more books in the day.

Acharya Rajneesh, a mystic, guru, and the spiritual teacher that he remained in his room and read for so many days during his youth days. A study of 12000 successful people showed that they all have reading as a pastime in common.

There are zillions of books in the bookstores, but make sure you are picking up the right one.

For a high-quality life, you need to read the high-quality material. High-quality books work as a catalyst when you start your journey of self-improvement. You can also subscribe to the self-improvement blogs.

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Why I Began Reading Books?

A few years ago, I found my interest in reading. Earlier, I read fiction books but then non-fiction books drew me towards them.

I recall reading somewhere, ‘The more you read, the better you write,’ and that was the day when I made a point to read. For the next whole year, I read two books a week. Some days, when I was on the wild mode, I read one book every day.

Once, I read 10 books in a week. I cannot compare myself with Warren Buffet or Theodore Roosevelt. They might have the habit of reading since childhood. I made the habit of reading after a battle against my old habits.

I had no friend who loved reading. My parents did no reading in their lifetime too. It was just I had a strong desire to be a writer that I started reading books.

At that time, I even did not know what the role of a writer in the society is. I just aspired to be a writer. I began reading books and aimed to write simultaneously. Over time, I learned how to put my emotions and perceptions on a paper.

As always, I’m not going to share with you how others have improved their life.

I believe that a writer must share his own experiences rather than telling the greatness and experiences of others. He may use some good examples to make his point of view strong, but he must always share what he feels.

How Just Reading Books Helped Me In Developing My Life

Discovering The Callings

What the so many years of education were unable to do, spending one year in reading books did. Earlier, I was reading books to become the writer. But this thought was not strong enough to stretch my skills.

You are passionate about something, you start taking actions. To continue the passion becomes so hard that we give up on our dreams. We convince ourself that our talents do not have any scope for us.

By reading books, I understand ‘why’ it is necessary for me to be the writer.

It is essential for you to find your ‘Why’. Until you do not know what the purpose behind your job or passion is, you can never put your heart into it. Your success will be a half-hearted success. You will always feel incomplete.

I always suggest people find out the work in which they can dissolve themselves. Otherwise, all through their life people would wander.

When you start reading books, you make some ideals and code of ethics for yourself. If you read spirituality your goal is moksh (freedom). If you read leadership your goal is to help others to find their best self. It is also true in the case of other genres.

Remember, reading open a man’s imagination into discovering his or her world.

Action Steps:

  • Reading non-fiction books work great in discovering the callings. Read at least one self-help book a month, if you are a beginner.
  • You can read an hour before sleeping at night or you can read at least 10 pages before starting your day in the morning.
  • Through the words of others, find your own journey. Once you find out your ‘Why’, you become unstoppable. (Also Read: Purpose Behind Your Birth)

Exploring The Mind

Every writer takes inspiration from another writer. Unless a writer is born genius, he cannot write by his own. Before writing something, he fuels himself with the words. He reads a lot on the genre he wants to write.

If you read a leader, you begin to encourage people to achieve their best self. If you read the saint, you think of becoming altruist. Read romance and you think of writing your own romantic story.

There are books on every topic. Whether you are a doctor or a self-help writer or an engineer, you can get the book in your field of interest. You read the words again and again. When you are done with reading and begin to write, your mind will do mathematics on the ideas you’ve read and forms new ideas. And that’s what we call ‘creativity’.

A man places the study of chemistry or physics before him and pushes the study forward. A day comes, when he goes beyond the topic and discovers or invents something. That is how reading books and knowledge helps in exploring the mind.

Action Steps:

  • If you know what you want to do with your life and you believe in your dreams then read at least one book a week to enhance your knowledge and skills. At the end of five years, you will be counted among the top 10% professional in your country.
  • Now, you’ve discovered your callings. You have to work on your dreams. So become an avid reader. Devour books like candies, always wanting more, never being satisfied. Devouring the books like candies is what I’m doing for the last few years.

benefits of reading books

Reading Develops One’s Fortune 

As I mentioned in many of my posts, I was a fiction writer but when I read spirituality and self-improvement I got drew towards them.

Spirituality is the highest education one can ever get.

The one effective teaching of Shariputra, one of the two chief disciples of Lord Buddha, which I believe I did follow: Distinguishing the wholesome roots (kushala mala) from unwholesome roots (akushala mala). In each of us, there is the seed of loyalty and betrayal. If you are a loyal person, it is because the seed of loyalty is in you. But don’t think that the seed of betrayal isn’t in you.

Feeding the faith or watering the seed of loyalty is the same thing. You need to feed your faith to bring an effective fortune. You can do so by reading or hearing positive messages for an hour every morning.

Once, you develop this habit, you allow the positive words settle in your consciousness. And once your faith becomes stronger then through the law of attraction you create a powerful fortune for yourself.

Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, The Secret, The Mastery Key System and You Can Heal Your Life are some of the books that focus on ‘The Law Of Attraction.

You can order the books mentioned above by clicking on the titles. These are a few books that brought an immense change in my life. (The Master Key System Is My Favorite.)

Action Steps:

  • Make a list of 50 books you need to read in a year to be the professional of your area of interests.
  • Record your thoughts in a journal every day. Create a dream book. Write your goals in it. Review your dream book every day. (Also Read: The Awesome Benefits Of Journal Writing)

Helps To See A New Perspective

Before developing the habit of reading books, I was not in the control of my life. My life was like a leaf in the water moving with the force of the wind. Everything was happening in my life and like a spectator I was just seeing it.

As I began reading motivational books, I felt pumped up every day. Earlier, where I was wandering, later I saw the life in a new way. My perceptions towards life improved after reading Holy Bible and Holy Koran.

When I read Buddhism, I began to practice mindfulness which showed me the beauty of our existence. Now, I was not running behind happiness, money, and fame. I was contented. I found satisfaction in my job and the people who surrounded me.

I read The Heart of Buddha Teaching By Thich Nhat Hanh over five times. In my leisure, I still read the annotations I made in it.

benefits of reading books

Action Steps:

  • It is necessary that we not only live the life but also realize it.
  • When you begin to model the books, you realize that life is not about what your eyes see. It is beyond our reasoning and logic.
  • Read spirituality to change your perceptions towards your existence and to awake your intellects.

Improves Memory, Concentration, and Manage Stress

‘Books are the man’s best friend,’ a little gem. When I find myself in a problem I pick up a book and try to find out the solution between the cover. Unlike others, I do not wait for someone to help me. I walk out from my comfort zone and begin to solve my problems.

What I’ve noticed that a man can never be free from his problems. When he solves one problem, he finds himself in another. But it does not mean he has to cry day in and day out. Instead, he can train himself to find joy in his problems.

Reading books do best in stress-management.

Living alone for about a couple of years I had nothing much to do except reading books. I had to keep myself alive and had to entertain myself. If I get bored, I would start reading the book from the end.

I would keep on guessing the story until I give up. Then I read the book from the chapter one. After reading a few pages, I could tell where the story would go. I’ve completed reading many fiction books in this way.

To do this exercise, I had to remember the names and the stories. Unless I was not fully focused, my guess would go wrong.

Over time, I found that my memory and concentration increased.

Now, I could sit for long hours effortlessly.

Action Plans

  • Do not read in the bed otherwise you’ll fall asleep.
  • Stretch your limits. If you are reading 50 pages every day then next day, add 10 more pages. As exercise is to body what reading is to mind.
  • When in depression take the help from books.

I love reading self-help books. What kind of books do you read? Are you an avid reader? How many books you read a month? Is there any book that has left a profound effect on you? Let’s discuss in the comment below.

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2 thoughts to “Benefits Of Reading Books – How I Advanced My Life By Just Reading Books And How You Can Do So”

  1. I truly agree with you. During worst situations in life, I came out only through books. I read anything I get. Now for the past few years only I started to read self help books. So I didn’t read any spiritual books. The spiritual books so far I read are Bagavath Geetha & Bible. Now only I am going through Quran. Will u suggest me some books in spirituality

    1. I suggest you start with the books on Hinduism or Buddhism. You can read the books of Osho, Swami Vivekananda, and Sri M to know Spirituality.

      To understand Buddhism, you can read the books by Thich Nhat Hanh. I’ve mentioned one of his books above in the post. 🙂

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