best books to be more successful in life

9 Best Books On Success To Skyrocket Your Achievements

You can not ignore the fact: The more books on success you read the more successful you become. Books on success do not only make you successful but also help you make peace with yourself.

Every book on success we read gives us life lessons. These lessons, if modeled, tend to transform the life for the better.

It is essential for a man to read good books, feed himself with thoughts of success and share his knowledge in the world around him.

To skyrocket the productivity and success rate, it is necessary for a man to read the high-quality content. Now there are so many books on success in the market and of course, you can not read every book. So to make your work easier I’ve listed down the 9 best books on success of all the time to be more successful in life.

After reading these books on success, you would have every secret of success you are searching for. Re and re-read to enhance your success in life.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen R. Covey

best book to be more successful in lifeLong years back, I found this book in a friend’s room. He was not fond of reading, so he gave me this book on success to keep.

I had not heard about the title before. Besides, the edition was old and the paper quality was not good, the book repelled me from reading it.

But It was then when I was surfing on the internet I read the title “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. When I explored the details I was surprised. The book I had been ignoring for a long time held a record of having over 25 million copies sold in 40 languages all around the world.

I picked up this book on success from the box where I usually kept my collection and started reading it. The old edition which was repelling me at first now becomes unputdownable.

As I completed the book on success and reviewed it again, I found there was no page left where I’ve not underlined any sentence. The author has tremendously compiled everything you need to know for a successful life.

As you read the book, you find a lot of your habits that are stopping you for a successful life. Once, you’ve found out what is pulling you to live the life you always wish to live, you can change your habit to see the transformation in your life.

I can only say this book is for the people who are striving hard to achieve their goals.

Check the price here: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Outliers: The Story of Success, by Malcolm Gladwell

best book to be more successful in life

I spend my spare time browsing books in libraries and online or offline stores. I do not read every book I purchase. If the book does not interest me I throw it away. There are a few books that have compelled me to read it again and over again.

One of the books I’ve read many times is Outliers: The Story of success.

Reviews by readers or magazines or newspapers made to buy the books. Some of the praises that caught my attention were:

  • A fizzingly entertaining and enlightening book. – The New York Times
  • He is the best kind of writer – the kind who makes you feel genius, rather than he’s a genius. – The Times
  • Gladwell is not only a storyteller; he can see what those stories tell us the lessons that contain. – Guardian
  • Malcolm Gladwell is a global phenomenon… he has a genius for making everything he writes seem like an impossible adventure. – Observer

The book showed me that there is a pattern in all the success stories of the world. The author explained these pattern in such a way that I could never forget the same. One of the patterns is the “10,000-hour rule”, where he says that to be successful and a master of any skill, you need a practice of 10,000 hours.

The book is true and cut to the point. An audacious and easy read. The stories and examples used by the author can make you skim through the pages, grabbing all the points to understand the secrets behind a successful life.

If you are looking for the ways to get opportunities in your life and leaving behind your legacy you must read this book.

Check the price here: Outliers: The Story of Success

How To Win Friends And Influence People, by Dale Carnegie

best book to be more successful in life

“How To Win Friends And Influence People” is a life-changing book for me. After reading this book, I think, I made new friends more than anyone else on the planet. This book not only helped me in how to win people but also taught me the methods through which I can increase my earning and reach up to my true potential.

Whether you want to be popular among your friends or liked by the majority of business or maybe you’ve to win new clients, this book is a perfect piece for you.

This book was published in 1936 and has sold over 30 million copies.

I strongly recommend this book to the people who want to achieve success. If you will not read this book on success, you are missing life transforming tips and hacks to influence people.

As long as you have true friends and good business connections, you will stay brilliant in personal as well as professional life.

Buy here: How To Win Friends And Influence People

You Can Win: A Step by Step Tool For Top Achievers

best books to be more successful in life

On an occasion, I visited Erode, Chennai. I stayed at the house of a dear friend of mine, Prajwas. Prajwas’s father was a civil engineer and counted among as the top civil engineers in Tamil Nadu. I didn’t get the chance to meet him, but Prajwas was known to the fact that I love reading books, he showed me the book collection of his father.

Like I, his father seemed to have the interest in self-improvement. At the top of the shell, I found the title “You can Win by Shiv Khera.” I settled myself at the study table and began reading this book on success.

For the next 5-6 hours, I stayed back in my chair and finished reading the book.

Praising the author’s views in this post would be unfair to him. The author has improvised the ancient wisdom and modern philosophy in an excellent way. The words between the cover can easily sort out your daily life problems with simple yet effective methods.

Truly, this international bestseller can help you win in life. It is a must read to transform your weakness into strength, building self-confidence or in gaining credibility by doing the right things.

Read and re-read this book to achieve success and increase the standard of your living.

Check the price here: You Can Win (A step by step tool for top achievers)

The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch

best book to be more successful in life

Long story short: I borrowed this book from my college’s library before the summer vacations of June 2016. The Last Lecture made the summer vacations a memorable one. Reading books in leisure and for fun has its own pleasure.

The book is the collection of speeches delivered by professor Randy Pausch. Being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, professor Pausch delivered his last lecture just before he was informed he had a few months to live. The speech was so powerful that it went viral over the internet and viewed by over millions.

The short stories in the book help the reader to understand the importance of clear vision, humor, and brilliance to achieve more success in life. Also, the book contains a remarkable and outstanding lecture “Achieving Your Childhood Dreams.”

As the book is written by the author who had only a few months to live, the lectures compiled in the book are the reflection of honesty and wisdom.

Professor Pausch writes, ‘Time is all you have… and you may find one day that you have less than you think,’ which makes the reader understand the value of time.

The book was a best seller for 85 weeks as per the New York Times and 4.5 million plus copies were sold all over the US.

Check the price here: The Last Lecture

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

best books to be more successful in life

I’ve read this book over 5 times. One thing I’m sure about this book is every time you re-read the book you will find something new that will empower your world within.

Another best philosophy of the book is that success in life is not the result of hard work, planning or driving desire but it is the result of living in harmony with natural laws. Good health, happy relationships, enthusiasm in life, abundant wealth and success will spring forth easily when you understand the role of spirituality in life.

Filled with timeless wisdom and practical steps you can model right away, this is a book that will help you to achieve more success in life.

This book is one hour read. But after reading this book, you will not remain the same as what you were one hour before. Just an hour can take a powerful change in your thoughts and life.

I do not think there is any other way which can upgrade your thoughts in an hour. Investing your money and time in reading books is a wise decision you can take right now.

Buy the book here: The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

My Favourite Books On Success: Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins

best books to be more successful in life

As I’ve mentioned in many of my articles that I cannot tell you what book have made me more successful in life. Every book I read makes me think one step bigger. Of all these books, ‘Awaken The Giant Within,’ is on the top of the list.

As the cover shows the book will teach you how to take immediate control of your:

  • Mental health
  • Emotional health
  • Physical health
  • And financial destiny

Tony Robbins is also an author of Inner Strength, Unlimited Power: The New Science of Personal Achievement and Money: Master The Game. He was also quoted by Stephen R. Covey as one of the greatest influencers of this generation.

You cannot doubt the abilities and his strategies as he has not helped millions of people to achieve success in life but has also developed over thousands of CEOs to manage their business and life.

He has even consulted some of the presidents of the nations around the world. Also, his efforts of contributing to the society have provided 100 million meals in the last year alone.

I’m confident every page of this book is a guide to help you improve the quality of your life.

Get it here: Awaken The Giant Within

Success Through the Positive Mental Attitude, by Napoleon Hill

best books to be more successful in life

Do you know you are having a secret invisible talisman? Do you know you can attract health, wealth and happiness in your life by using your talisman? But if you do not know how to use the talisman, it will rob all the things from you that makes life worth living.

Yes, the secret talisman is your attitude towards your life. On one side it’s PMA (positive mental attitude) and on the other side, it’s NMA (negative mental attitude) which is deciding your destiny.

When motivational pioneer Napoleon Hill and millionaire W. Clement Stone sit together and write, the result was Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude, the phenomenon that proposed to the world that with the right attitude, anyone can achieve his or her dreams.

The authors, Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone, will teach you how to:

  • Empower your life.
  • Get aware of the world within.
  • Use creativity to be more successful in life.
  • Develop personal initiative and self-discipline.
  • Get maximum results by with the least efforts.
  • Design and create the life you wish to live.

Check the price here: Success Through Positive Mental Attitude


Little Book of Stunning Success + Tools For Action Mastery by Robin Sharma

best books to be more successful in life

The best thing I love about the books of Robin Sharma is that he always tries to inspire the people to develop the habits of the heroes. His strategies mainly focus on enlightening the reader about the role of world-class rituals to be more successful in life.

In this Little Black Book of Success, Robin Sharma writes the same strategies but in a powerful way.

Another point I noticed in his writings is that he uses deep words and sentences — Uncommon success, remarkable victory, massive improvement, stunning life, planet class performer, master of leadership — which not only reflects the authenticity but also make a reader to take big actions in life.

If you have dreams and you are stuck somewhere on the path less traveled, this book on success will show you the right way to succeed in life.

The best lines I came across while reading the book on stunning success was: The most successful human beings are wildly focused. They have a very clear picture of what it is they want to create the time they reach the end of their lives and then they have the discipline (and courage) to stick to their mission, saying “no” to everything that is not the mission critical.’

Indeed, this book will help you to overcome your weakness, take full responsibility for your dreams, rise above your circumstances and be more successful in life.

Get your copy here: Little Black Book For Stunning Success + Tools For Action Mastery

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