10 Remarkable Lessons To Change Your Life Quickly

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination. – Jimmy Dean

I’m a kind of a nerd about finding life hacks that help me grow in life. The problem with me is I cannot sit idle. I go mad when I kill my time. God knows, how some people can waste their whole day in sleeping, eating and doing nothing.

Drop it!

Nowadays, I’m enjoying writing blogs more than reading books. At the beginning of my writing career, it was difficult for me to write. I had given up on myself a lot of times. However, it was my love for books which have always pushed me to come back and write.

Years before, I used to write two short stories every month. I compared my writings with other writers and found the areas of improvement. Those writing exercises became the foundation for my blogs today.

You see, now also I’m moving forward in this blog with the help of storytelling. Storytelling is something I learned going through the hard way. Jotting down all the thoughts on a blank sheet is always a tough work for a writer. You have to practice the skill with patience and persistence.

On my journey as a self-improvement writer, I found enlightening lessons that I wish somebody had told me before. If I had applied these lessons earlier in my life, I would have achieved my dreams years back.

Well, everything happens for a reason. Either we can learn from our mistakes and move on, or we can blame others for making the life tough. I do not believe in blaming others, so I learned from my experiences.

And you can count on to the following lessons to bring the change in your own life.

1. Stop being a miserable person

Your life always remains under construction. No matter how hard you try, you stay imperfect. No need to lose self-confidence and perceive others better than yourself. The time you waste in recovering from low self-esteem could be spent in building up a stunning character. So stop being a miserable person and have a high self-image.

2. Action is better than words

Talks never move your life in the forward direction. It’s always the actions that bring the reactions. One small step is better than talking big a thousand times. There are no tomorrows and no future. The past has already gone. What you are remained with is only the present moment. The best time to take action is right now. Do not put your goals on tomorrow.

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3. Stop looking for a perfect day

If you want to start your journey, then start today, irrespective of how bad you are at handling the things. If you are waiting for the life to be comfortable, you are only postponing your dreams. With time, life goes tough. Moreover, you can never go from amateur to expert in one day. Progress is a continues process. Even a thousand miles of journey begins with one step.

4. Always believe in yourself and your journey

There is nothing bigger than the intuitions. Do not let the opinions of others discourage your gut feelings. Times will come that you see no growth in your journey. Do not lose patience in those moments. Uncertainty is inevitable at the beginning. However, as you remain persistent, you’ll eventually find the way to bring your life back on the track.

5. Do not run from daily struggles in life

Embrace struggle as your companion. No Struggle No Growth! Comfort zone may appear pleasing in the short term, but the pain it carries, in the long run, makes your life miserable permanently. Working outside the comfort zone is a habit. The more you practice it, the more you go brilliant at it. None of your struggles will go in vain. Sooner or later, you’ll have the fruits of your hard work.

6. Be focused at what’s in your hands

Are you in a problem? Can you do something about it? No? Then why to waste time on the things that you cannot control? When you forget about the situations that are not at all in your hands, you allow yourself to change the things that are in your hands. Sometimes, it’s better to leave some problems on time. Time heals everything.

7. Stop comparing to others

When you look at someone better than you, you feel dejected. Everyone has a different journey and what works for others might not work for you. Your profession might be similar to others, but the experiences you go through in life will be entirely different. Moreover, comparing yourself with others is a sure way towards failure and unhappiness in life.

8. There are no shortcuts. Dreams Take Time.

You may find happiness in taking shortcuts, but you cannot disagree with the fact that those shortcuts only bring temporary joys in life. You have to take the long routes, face the difficulties, make mistakes, accept rejections and confront failures to grow from ordinary to extraordinary. There are no shortcuts to long-lasting happiness. Above all, dreams take time.

9. Do not believe in luck

Nothing happens by chance. If it does, the fruits will not remain permanent. You may be lucky this time, but you can’t be lucky every time. Life is a long journey, with a lot of speed bumps. If you take everything for granted and do not ride carefully, you’ll fall and get yourself hurt for sure. Stop leaving everything on luck. Get up and take responsibility for your life.

10 It is not alright when things get worse

It’s not alright when you are in a depression. It’s not alright when you’ve broken relationships. It’s not alright when your health sucks. It’s not alright when you are living below your potential. When life gets tougher, you’ve to stand up against it rather than finding ways of escapism. Realizing that it’s not alright prompts you to take action to make everything alright.

Your shot

Tell me below in the comments what life lesson you loved the most? Is there anything I’ve missed writing in the post? Share with me in the comments section.

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12 thoughts to “10 Remarkable Lessons To Change Your Life Quickly”

  1. whatever you are mentioning its all happening right now with me i just want to everybody say about depression that when you feel depressed you feel empty or hollowness at that time but just remind yourself that you cant be empty or hollow bcoz there is whole universe inside you

  2. Very well written! I’ve always loved your blogs, inspire me so much. Keep up the good work! Best wishes to you 👍🙌

  3. I so needed it at this point in my life. These few days I have been really low. Things aren’t going as I want them to and I didn’t know how to cope up with it. This post really helped. I know I can’t be the victim and the hero at the same time. I have to choose one. Fate plays on its own will, but I can change it with my will. I don’t know if that makes any sense or not. But, thank you for this post. It really helped.

    P.S. I’m a budding writer. Your posts are really an inspiration.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed reading the post. I too love writing and I read and write every day of my life. I wish you a great success for the future. Let me know if I can help. 🙂

  4. All d above points are relevant to me in one way or the other. Well composed in a lucid manner. You can add few things like praying or meditating daily, being non-judgmental, be a good listener, not to argue, spend time in solitude (with nature), etc.

  5. You wrote very well..still whenever it comes to words, they are never enough.

    I would like to add a point. One should purse a hobby. Like exercise, cooking,zhopte reading, writing, singing,zhopte dancing, photography, etc. Honestly it shows a big transition, kicks away worries, brings positivity n what not.

    Thank you!!

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