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The Extreme Power In Your Dreams: Keep Dreaming Big

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” – Ashley Smith

I remember, a fortnight ago, after having my dinner, I went out for the walk. It was around 11 o clock.

The roads were deserted. I was aware of the different sensations. I heard the cricket singing; the soft touch of the cool breeze; rustling of the trees. The clouds promised of rain. I lost myself in the beauty of nature.

It was like I was doing meditation on the road. I didn’t know where I was going. But I was moving.

I walked streets after streets, observing the beauty of the earth. The ideas, new thoughts, incredible philosophies began coming in my head from somewhere. I was surprised.

After a while, these thoughts reminded of my mission of making everyone believe in the supreme power and the invincible fire that lay within every human being.

There is something exist in this world which is beyond everyone and a man can only acquaintance with it through his burning desires and love towards his work.

The words of A.P.J Abdul Kalam have always made me ponder upon the big thoughts through which a man can connect himself with the ultimate power of the universe. And this greatest power helps him to attract a peaceful life:

‘There is no power in heaven or on earth than the commitment to a dream. Dreams hold something of that energy which lies at the heart of all the things and is the binding force that brings the spiritual and the material together.’

A few months ago, when I visited my hometown, I met Mehtab, a dear friend of mine.

It was late evening when we sat for the tea on the rooftop. The sun was setting down. A sense of loneliness spread across the sky. The birds stopped chirruping; the moon was yet to come; the stars twinkled. We knew another day of our life was passing by.

We kept quiet. And after a few minutes, Mehtab in his gentle voice made me comfortable by reciting his own composition:

Teri manjil tera safar hai

Tu mehnat karega tera rasta khud banega

Dekhna sadayen badlegi ye hawaein badlegi

Honsla na tutega to mukadar khud jhukega

Mjhe manjil ki fikar nahi justju nahin

Mere intezaar mein ye karvaan khud rukega

Bediyon mein neh reh paya hai ye hunar kabhi bhi

Agar tu taraashega to ye andheraa khud Chupega.

(Your destination is your journey. Your hard work alone will find your way.

You see how the day will change, you see how the air will change.

Keep moving and one day life itself will fall before you.

I don’t care about the journey nor do I’ve yearnings.

In my wait, the journey itself will come to a break.

The talent of a man never remains in the shackles

If you sweat by your own, you will see the darkness of your life gone.)

I smiled at Mehtab before asking, ‘Are the dreams of a man really big?’ He said in low voice, Janaab, Khwaab sirf bade nahi hote. Raaten bhi badi hoti hai. (Not only dreams are big, but nights are also big.)

Mehtab is a man of great wit. He speaks less but his words always seem to be heavier. I don’t know anything about Mehtab. I never asked him.

I guess he also doesn’t know anything about me except I’m a writer and is always in search of opportunities to spread positive messages in the world. We’ve one thing in common and that is our love for Urdu poems.

A Song For Your Powerful Dreams

Financial dreams are not enough for a man to have a peaceful life. Peaceful life never comes from money. It comes from accepting some truths. Like every game, life too has its own rules.

Sometimes, I think how come we speak and write so powerful words that make our readers stick with our art. I know the answer too. The answer is somewhat illogical and out of the world for many people. But if you are a dreamer, you may understand the song that I often sing.

‘Deep within each heart there lies a magic spark

That lights the fire of our imagination

Feel the flame forever burn

Teaching lessons we must learn

The world unites in hope and peace

We pray that it will always be

It is the power of the dreams.’

Our dreams change into action and action creates the reality. Remember, what we sow we shall reap.

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