The First And Top Rule To Achieve Anything In Life

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I’ve two tables, each table filled with books. I keep my stationary on the left one. To break the mundane, time-to-time I move my chair alternatively between them. But, as the right table touches the corner of the room, making everything seems congested, I prefer reading and writing on the left table.

In the wall, there is a rack divided into five fragments. At the top portion placed the two motorcycle helmets. I do not have any two-wheelers. Maybe these helmets are of those who stayed here before me. Once in a while, I wipe off the dust from them. Third, the fourth and fifth shell is filled with my grooming stuff, curriculum books, and footwear respectively.

On the second shell, placed an old portrait of Guru Nanak. This portrait gave me all the faith I needed over the years. When I’ve faith in my Guru, I never doubted in my work. I’ve not written an article without the help of Him.

Faith is the beginning of all achievements. Whether you develop faith in yourself or in your work or on the God, it is the first rule to achieve anything in life.

The foundation of every religion is based on faith. Although the holy books are written on godhood, the words can be applied in every aspect of our life. Whether its business management or stress management or the education of life, you can get the required wisdom from the holy books.

To understand these books, you may read the commentaries on it. Swami Vivekananda is known as the Walking-Vedanta. Norman Vincent Pearl uses the context of the Bible in his writings. Thich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese Buddhist monk and peace activists; he writes on Buddhism.

There is a reason why I’m asking you to read these books. Faith is like a living being. You need to feed it continues to transform your life. The more you feed the faith, the more you develop self-confidence, self-discipline, patience and diligence in life. The food for faith is positive messages.

There was a priest who offered the milk to God in the temple. Once, the storm hit the village and the milkman who sold milk to the priest didn’t come. The next day when the milkman arrived at the temple, the priest asked him the reason why he missed delivering the milk. The milkman told him that the boat got destroyed in the storm on which he rowed across the lake every day to reach the temple.

‘You fool! In the name of God, people row across the seven oceans. You can’t even come across the lake,’ chastised the priest.

After several days, again the storm hit the village, but this time milkman reached the temple and delivered the milk to the priest. ‘Now, how did you come across the lake? This time nothing happened with your boat?’ asked the priest. The milkman said, ‘As you told that people come across the seven oceans in the name of God, I walked on the water and reached the temple.’ The priest thought the milkman was befooling him so he asked him to show how he did. They went near the bank of the lake. The milkman took the name of Godwholeheartedlyy and walked on the water across the lake.

This story has a simple lesson. Faith gives us confidence. Confidence drives us towards our true potential. When we practice faith we overcome the difficulties and obtain some transformation.

I do not force you to believe in superstition. I even don’t say you to believe in God. In fact, I also could not recall when I visited the church or temple last time. If I visit these places, I would not seek anything except peace of mind.

My religion is my work. The more I worship my work the more it pays me off. And I think all the luck, Deities or God or Allah and forces of the Universe is with those who patiently preserve. Just keep faith before you start anything in life.

Recommended book

Confidence: Think Big, Believe Big, Achieve Big – Long years back this book kept me motivated on my journey as a writer. I owe some of my huge achievements to the author Norman Vincent Pearl for writing this piece of wisdom. The book not only filled me with confidence but also helped in understanding the God’s will for me. There is an answer to your every problem in this book. Discover and fully realize the God’s potential for you.

The book costs you a few amounts of money so there are zero risks to try. I hope the book would encourage you as it did for me.

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