Hard Days

5 Reasons Why Hard Days Are Better Than No Problem Days

Out of suffering and hard days have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars. – Khalil Gibran

We all are afraid of facing hard days because it brings suffering to us and the people surrounding. Most people quit during these hard days and impede their personal and spiritual growth.

Some people just ignore and let the problems overweigh them. Simply ignoring an odd situation adds up and later multiplies the problems in life. Just like a chain reaction where product or by-product results in additional reactions.

During hard days, our mind gets block and we forget the hidden meaning lies in those experiences.

All we think is of getting out of the hurdles and moving back to the comfort zone where we feel secure. Although hard days disturb the peace of mind, once we figure out the hidden meaning and lessons, our perception changes.

As you read this post, you’ll not only learn why hard days are better than no-problem days but also you’ll find the motivation why you should not be afraid of them.

1. Hard Days Bring Spiritual Growth

I recall a story where three monks are sitting together and looking at a flag from a distance.

The first monk begins the discussion and says, “See the flag is moving.” The second reverts, “No, it’s not the flag. It’s the wind which is moving.”

The third monk who was meditating on the flag interrupts the discussion and says, “It’s the mind that is moving.”

Strong and spiritual people are not gifted. They are built by the life, just like fire refines gold. They have a trained mind and look at the situations quite differently from the common people. While we cry over the things we lose in life, they perceive it as the best possible thing that can happen to them.

Life is all about choices and how we respond to the incidents occurs in day-to-day life.

Hard days give you an opportunity to look at the hidden lessons of life. Once you’ve trained yourself to find the real meaning in your problems, you’ll stop differentiating between hard and good days.

2. Hard Days Introduce You To Buddha

While I was reading Buddhism, I found a common philosophy which was repeated several times within the pages — Buddha is sitting right in your sufferings.

Like every human being, Buddha too suffered and had the same emotions of anger, love, happiness, and sadness.

If there were no emotions, there would be no Buddha. In happy days, one is incapable of observing emotions, feelings, and experiences.

It is in hard days that one indulges in critical thinking. He tries to control the situation, the fears, and the doubts and tries to be stronger. It is in the hard days one thinks of alternatives to bring back the joy in life. In hard days, we prefer peace, and like Buddha, we retire ourselves to recluse and start living alone.

Human beings are born with the natural ability to observe things, but we do not use this ability during good days. Buddha was quite different from us. He observed the emotions all through his life, controlled them and became stronger than one can ever think.

Hard days let us awake the Giant living within and simplify the life. It does not happen instantly. It takes time and as Buddha says, “A jug fills drop by drop.”

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3. Hard Days Kill The Ego

You may have met many people whom you’ve an image of “a grounded man”. In truth, no one is born grounded. In fact, human beings are born self-centered. It is the experiences and the hard days that change one’s personality and make him humble.

I could count on to a dozen of examples. Let me share with you the story of a familiar figure — Amitabh Bachchan. Although the incident is not about his hard days, the story will enlighten you how bitter experiences kill the ego.

It was then when Amitabh Bachchan was on the summit of his acting career. He was traveling by plane. The person sitting next to him looked simple and middle class. Everyone in the flight was excited on seeing Amitabh Bachchan but this old man was unconcerned about him.

The actor was uncomfortable at first and then strikes the talk, Hello, do you watch movies? The old man reverted, yes, but a very few. The actor mentioned that he worked in the film industry. Oh very nice, said the old man, what do you do? I’m an actor, the actor answered. Oh, the old man smiled, that’s wonderful.

As the flight landed, the actor said, boasting himself, by the way, I’m Amitabh Bachchan. Nice to meet you.

Thank you, came the reply, I’m J.R.D Tata. Amitabh Bachchan was dumbfounded. On that day, he learned no matter how much big you become, there is always someone bigger. The incident, therefore, killed his ego and made him humble.

4. Hard Days Make You Less Careless About Others

Not everyone you call your friend is a true friend. You can’t separate fake friends from true friends until misfortune falls on you. Hard days, therefore, aren’t that bad how we think about them. Moreover, it is only in hard days we understand why we do not need an external help to bring us out from the suffering. We alone are strong enough to face the hard times.

5. Hard Days Too Shall Pass

Nothing is permanent, not even the hard days. It too shall pass and bring the happiness for you. But always remember, hard days will return someday. And when the days are standing at the door, welcome them and celebrate them, for they have the surprises, wisdom, and faith for you. Greet them with a smile, for they bring the courage and new life as no cheerful days can bring the same.

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