7 Things To Remember When Going Through Hard Times

Events are not in our hands. Anything can happen anytime. These events can bring happiness or can cause heart-breaks. Cheerful days pass swiftly, but when the hard times appear, it seems like they have come to stay forever. But we should not forget that in these days, lays our growth and the opportunity to learn. No matter how difficult the situation is, there are a few things that one should always remember.

1. Like a coin, life too has its obverse and reverse

If there is sadness, there must be happiness somewhere. If there is night, there must be a day somewhere. Understand that like a coin, life too has its obverse and reverse. If you are going through hard times then a time will come when you savor the happiness.

Everything is impermanent. Nothing lasts forever. Not even human beings. Life is not easy right now does not mean it will remain same forever. We can’t even say what’s going to happen in the next minute, how can we be so sure about our hard times?

Be patient. Soon a miracle shall occur and bring happiness, prosperity, and joy to your life.

2. Hard times bring strength

In sufferings lies the incredible power that helps us grow. Once you go through hard times, you won’t remain the same person. Sufferings cause a permanent change in our behavior. It heightens our level of strength. Without hard times, it is impossible for us to grow.

There is a purpose of every event that occurs in our life. Nothing in this universe can move forward without purpose. Good and bad events too have their own purposes. Every experience we go through in life has its own reason. Stay positive and try to find the real meaning in these unpleasant events.

3. Take a look at your past

The one thing we often forget in difficulties is to look at the problems we have faced in the past. Once we did so, we find that we are much stronger than we think. No problem or obstacle is bigger than us. What we’ve lost is the hope. It is always essential not to lose the sight of the past. You’ve already survived a lot and now, you can survive this too.

4. Be generous to yourself

It’s all right that you did some horrendous mistakes in the past which now have brought difficulties in your life. You don’t have to curse yourself for doing that. Mistakes are a part of our life. If we do not make them, we seize our development.

Moreover, if we change our point of view while looking at mistakes, we find that our mistakes are nothing but a kind of lifelong education. The more we commit them, the wiser we become. Don’t be afraid to take decisions.  Even if your decisions prove to be wrong, do not worry about them, but make sure you won’t repeat the same blunders again.

At last, be generous and forgive yourself for all your faults.

5. There is always a way

No matter how difficult situation you’re in, there is always a way to get out of it. The problem is we think more about our problems and do not focus on finding solutions. Charles R. Swindoll put it aptly, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

Reaction to the problems decides how long you suffer. If you commit to finding out the solution, instead of cursing your fate, you’ll find a way to overcome the troubles.

Nothing is more complicated than our mind. Make it simple. Define your problem on a paper and write as many as solutions you come up with. Do not hurry. Take your time because most often the real solution is hiding deep within us.

6. Appreciate what you possess

There are some belongings or people who always stay with us, irrespective of our present situation. Count on to them. Look at your spouse or your children or the house you built with your heart or your parents who left it for you. Be grateful for the quality of your life. For some people, you are living a life that they can never afford in their lifespan.

Appreciate what God has bestowed on you. God can never be unfair to his children. He must have planned something far better for you than you can ever imagine.

7. Do not stop

You must have goals and dreams in your life that you always want to pursue. Understanding that our life can’t be perfect and the problems will always remain a part of our life helps us in starting the journey towards our dreams and goals.

With patience and determination, we can go through the troubles of life one after another. As we overcome one problem and step on another, we develop confidence and become spiritually strong. And when we keep moving forward and look at our past, we discover that we are not less than a superhuman.

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