How I Attract Happiness?

I think I have friends more than anyone else on this planet. Whenever I want help, someone will come towards me. Even if I clash with someone, I could see swarm of people supporting me. I remain happy all day long. You would think that I’m insane, but it’s true I attract immeasurable happiness of the universe.

Till today, I’ve lived my life on my own terms and conditions. I’ve made some boundaries around myself to enjoy my life. I don’t allow people to enter the boundary and get emotionally attached to me.

If I find someone getting interested in me, I create distance by ignoring him respectfully. The doors of my life are always closed for elders, teachers and for the people who consider themselves as Gyani (Educated). They are arrogant and can’t hear anything from others. I enjoy doing arguments with them.

I don’t read books for entertainment. I read them to improve my life. I have never followed anyone. Circumstances inspired me every time. I believe in God. But I don’t believe in all the teachings of Jesus, Mohammad, Guru Nanak.

They too were human beings like everyone else. They all were born leaders and returned from this universe. If they had followed anyone then they were not called as Gurus or Prophets or Saints but as followers. And Following is not leading. Mahatma Gandhi said it aptly:

Vaishnava to tainey kaheeye, jo peerh paraayee jaaney ray

(I know him a man of God, who feels another’s pain.)

I don’t like writers like Kamala Das. The world is already suffering and she did her best through her writings to multiply the sufferings.

I keep in mind to not discuss my unhappiness. What is the purpose in doing so? I relieve my unhappiness in solitude. I love reading the words of wisdom. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Khushwant Singh, Khalil Gibran, Mirza Ghalib, Meer Taqi Meer and Swami Vivekananda are a few writers, poets, and leaders who had left a deep impression on my life.

Wisdom helped me to become a better person. I can say that to live a good life is our birthright, and a good life only comes to good people. It is our soul that impresses others.

There are people who show off their knowledge and merely impress anyone, and there are some people who speak rubbish all the time and impress everyone. It is because of our soul. Here are five prayers that I turn to often.

From the Adi Granth, Nanak:

First, truthfulness

Second, to take only what is your due.

Third, goodwill towards all.

Fourth, pure intentions,

And the praise of God, the fifth.

Spirituality is the highest form of education. Purna Atma is the way to attract immeasurable happiness in life. By applying spiritual education in your daily life one can reach the cave where flawless treasures and gems lie.

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