How I Stayed Motivated In My Depressing Days!

So many times in my life I’ve confronted the situation that made me kneel down. I recall the day when I quit engineering career and decided to go with my passion of writing. On hearing this declaration, my family got upset and my father told me what the hell I’m doing with my life. My neighbours and relatives were shocked and had called me nuts. 

I took a job as a content writer in Noida. The payout was barely fulfilling the rent and food. I was discouraged. And in no more than a couple of months I left the job. I returned to my hometown with empty pockets and broken dreams.

It brought more stress to my family and I was left alone to myself. The coming year was more depressing. I became the centre point for making troubles in family. My stubbornness was getting on to the nerves of everyone. And rest is a part of history. All in all, my life was hell and I’m thankful that I kept going on.

Now when I look back, I agree that it was a decision that could have destroyed my entire life if I was not passionate enough for my dreams.

If you are in some stressful situations, let’s discuss three simple ways to stay motivated through them

Life Is Too Short To Live For Someone Else

During these hard times when thousands of people are laying on their deathbeds, fighting against COVID-19, it enlightens us that our life is too short and death is inevitable. 

The painful truth is most people are already dead by surrendering their dreams and desires to others. And as Rumi once said, “Death is not the greatest loss, neither illness. The greatest loss is what dies inside you while you are still alive.”

If you are in confusion that whether to follow your dreams or not, then it is a right time to clear all your doubts and stand for what is true for your heart and soul. No matter how discouraging your friends and family, life is too short to live for someone else.

Law of Impermanence 

As we are not going to live on earth forever, no situation will remain permanent. Neither your depressing days. All you need to do is to understand the law of impermanence, which states that nothing in life is permanent.

Sun sets and stars arrive. Summer goes and winter comes. Happiness goes and melancholy makes its way in. Whatever you are experiencing now, be it a bliss or anxiety, it will pass.

“This too shall pass,” is a mantra that self-help groups have been transferring from one generation to another. 

If you are confronting difficult situation in life and your are unsure about what is going to happen with you, then you can count on to one thing i.e. “This too shall pass.” 

You Don’t Have To Fit In

Society expects you to fit in, but you are not supposed to do. You can stand out and it takes a little courage to do this. May be wind is not in your favour, but if you keep doing your best you will certainly get what you have always desired.

In order to remain at your highest version of yourself, you have to control your responses towards people and situation. Your words must not be louder, but your actions. By putting constant efforts, you are going to separate yourself from the crowd. 

Remember, a thick wood can only be broken through constant strikes. The Universe will test you every now and then to confirm whether you seriously deserve it or not and by standing firmly on your decisions and goals, you are going to make your way out of depressing days towards a more fulfilling life.

Concluding, right now you cannot figure out why such unfortunate days are falling in you, but after a period of time, all the broken pieces will come together and make you believe that everything happens for a reason.

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