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How To Apply Mindfulness To Attract Peace In Life

As a blogger suggested me to write short content rather than writing long articles, I spent most of my time sitting in my chair doing nothing.

‘People do not read long content. Work on creating short and good content,’ the professional said.

This idea disturbed me. I had never expressed myself in short articles before. Whenever I try to make articles of around 500-600 words, I end up writing 2000 words. For a couple of days, it went like this that a fear of not being able to write caught me.

Writer’s block. I left writing.

I was depressed. I had not written a word for the past two weeks. My earnings went down. I smoked innumerable cigarettes. I avoided eating food. I didn’t bath for several days. I ignored my friends and the world around me.

One morning, I encouraged myself for a long walk. I drank tea for a nearby tea stall and went on exploring the streets. After an hour or so I discovered a tree in the far corner of the street which led to a forest.

The place drew me towards it. Under the tree, I settled myself every morning and prayed Bade Mian (God) to lead me. I was waiting for a sign of Him. Unfortunately, no sign. I left the hope from God too.

Sitting under the tree for many hours, I got into the habit of observing.

Early evening, I went to the tree and observed everything that was happening there. I saw the children playing and running in and out of the masjid which stood about a few meters away from the tree. The birds on the tree which got disturbed with my presence at first now grew accustomed to me.

I was in the present moment and those moments — feeding tidbits to the stray dogs, playing the harmonica for the children, treading up and down in the forest — strengthened my faith in spirituality.

After a week of continues visiting the place, I returned in my mundane of reading and writing. Now, I was not upset and understood some great secrets of life.

And in this post, I’ll share with you some points that will help you to attract peace in life.

No. 1 Activate Your Body 

Activating your body means to get aware of your body moments. Most of the time we remain unconscious of our body. Everything is going on mechanically. Some people got in the habit of shaking their legs all the time. They feel anxiety if they try to stop the leg moments.

Emotion is the result of ‘motion’. If the body is not in control of you, your mind can never be. Body and mind are connected with each other. If your body is in pain, your mind will suffer. If your mind is in pain, your body will suffer.

The way you sit, the way you walk, the way you treat your body causes all the emotions to appear in your mind.

Next time when you feel anxiety or depression, observe your body moment.

No. 2 Observe The Environment

As I was typing this article, I was aware of what was happening around me. I could hear the sound of the rotating fan and the birds chirruping outside my window. I could hear the tapping of my keyboard. I could hear the music that was coming from the neighbouring house. I was fully aware of everything happening around me.

This is called as active meditation. You do not have to go anywhere. Wherever you are, keep still and start observing. Observing the environment will open all the doors for you to savour the present moment.

No. 3 Focus On Your Breathing Pattern

99% of the impurities of the body can be eliminated through deep breathing. In Sanskrit breathing is known as “Praan”. The other name for “praan” is “life”. So we can say life and breathing are the same things.

For every feeling that appears in our mind have different breathing pattern. You’re angry your breathing would become shallow. You’re happy your breathing pattern would differ and vice versa.

You can concentrate on your breaths whole day long. For the first few days, your mind would not allow you to take control over it because of your old negative habits and the lack of concentration. But by and by, you can perform deep breathing easily.

  • As you inhale, imagine the colour of air as white or light blue.
  • As you exhale, imagine the light brownish colour air is emitting out of your body.
  • Breath for 10-15 minutes to control the waves of your negative emotions — anger, jealousy, hatred and the eagerness to do gossip.

No. 4 Upgrade Your Thoughts

Long time back, I found a book while browsing my college’s library. The book seemed to be an old one. The print of the book was faded away. And the title page was missing.

As I opened the book and read a random page I found a pearl, ‘We are poor—not because of God.’

Perhaps the author meant that whatever we are seeking for is already within us. No one can rob the happiness, pure wealth, good physical and mental health of the universe except we give it away.

We are living in poverty and loneliness only because of our thoughts. Once we become mindful and select what kind of thoughts we’ve to choose, the next moment we would savour the freedom.

Observe your surroundings and the people you roam around with. Are they affecting your life? Do they speak rubbish? What do you do to ignore these people? Do you love gossiping about someone else? How you manage unhappiness in your life? Share your views with me and the readers in the comments below.

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