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How To Be Happy? – 5 Simple Ways To Bring Back The Joy of Life

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored. – Earl Nightingale

I don’t know if you’ve ever Google about how to be happy or how to enjoy the life. But I do know that if you’ve searched it then you might be suffering from some kind of stress or panic in life.

It’s alright as you at least know that you’re unhappy. Most of us can’t even figure out what kind of emotion we are going through.

We go through life sacrificing things, working hard, spending sleepless nights in search of big money and happiness, never knowing when to stop and reflect on what we are doing.

And the unfortunate news I read a week ago that made me write this blog is the report of World Happiness Index on which India ranked 122 in the list of 155 countries. Survey and research don’t lie. The sad truth: being a land of spirituality, we don’t know how to be happy.

So, today to let you find the answer about how to be happy and bring back the joy of life, I’ve listed down 7 simple ways that you can follow on to cherish your life.

1. Drop your opinions

Once, you drop your opinions and get open to the world, you allow the happiness to embrace you.

Our adamant behavior blocks our capacity to see how others look at the life. As someone said right, ‘2+3 become 5, but it does not mean 4+1 is wrong.” Honestly, every man has his own life experiences and thus, making him a different person with a unique perspective.

If you only talk and talk and do not listen, the opposite person may perceive you as a garrulous.

On the other hand, if you speak less and give respect to the point of view of others, you not only make people feel good about themselves but also you’ll have a sense of pride about your own behavior which results in a positive self-image.

Many times we cannot tolerate the behavior of others. In that case, you can tell them right away about how their behavior is making you restless. You can also avoid the person next time you meet. You’re not here to impress everyone.

The simple rule I follow while talking to these people is to behave as if I’m at loss for words or as if I don’t have anything new thing to share with them.

But all in all, the best thing is to be a good listener. Everyone wants to feel important and if you look good in everyone you come across, you’ll be a lot happier than you ever think.

2. Think Less

I’m not saying you to stop thinking. You cannot do it as well. I’m just telling you to only think what is required.

Did you know, a human mind gets about 30,000-50,000 thoughts a day?

Most of them have no use. They are the same thoughts that came yesterday and the day before yesterday and even the days, months and years before that.

Moreover, why allow the thoughts of past which can’t be changed and of the future which has yet to come? Among all the thousands of thoughts, not even a hundred are useful. In fact, not even ten thoughts together can bring happiness in our life.

We need only one thought to focus on this present moment. One thought, one idea, one view is enough. Applying one idea at a time is better than doing nothing about one thousand thoughts.

I’m writing this blog and I’ve caged my mind to this present moment. I’m not thinking about what’s going outside my room. Nor I’m thinking what would be the reviews of the readers after reading this. If I think about it, I could not write even a word.

I’ve only one idea right now and that is to complete this blog today. Not tomorrow. Not next month. Today is what I’ve been bestowed with. I’ve to make use of it.

If we are unhappy that means we are not in control of our mind. It’s that simple, we talk about controlling the world and the whole universe, but how unfortunate we’re that we can’t control this little mind.

What’s the use of that education who just wants us to hustle and work hard? I wish we have a subject in the schools which guide us how not to use the mind.

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3. Don’t always say “Yes” To Everyone

Sometimes it is good to say “no” to people to maintain a balanced life. If you say “yes” to every request you receive, you won’t be finding time for yourself. Plus, you’ll have to face additional anxiety coming from the work that your friends are intended to do.

Saying no to your friend may distant your relationship. So, you’ve to be careful when to say yes and when to say no. I say yes to my friends only when I find that they really cannot do their work alone and are in a great need of a help from outside.

You can choose like this too:

  • Go with alternate yes and no. The first time you can say yes to your friend and figure out does he really need your help to complete his work. After understanding his need, you can decide to say no the next time if you feel his request is not at all worth of considering.
  • Tell your friend that you are busy with some household work and then ask him “Doesn’t he can do the work alone?” If he truly needs an outside help, he will tell you the reason why did he call you. If you find his request appealing, spare a few hours and help him.

It not only builds your relationship but also it improves your image before him as you’ve left all your work and kept him as your priority.

4. Breathe

We are unmindful all the time and thus, doing blunders. Do you misplace your room keys, books, mobile phone and even as big as your laptop?

Don’t worry. Even Thomas Edison did so. Once, his wife brought him the breakfast. She found him busy doing research work and placed his breakfast on a table and left the place without disturbing him.

After a few minutes, a friend of Edison came and sat on a chair next to him. He also avoided disturbing him. Suddenly, he glanced at his breakfast. And you know how friends are always like. The man ate his breakfast without considering him.

When Thomas Edison finished his work, he was glad to see his friend. But the words he said surprised the man. He said, “Oh my friend, you’re a little late. I just finished my breakfast.”

The man was baffled to hear the response. He understood that Thomas Edison was so focused on his work that he could not figure out who ate the breakfast.

The mind of Thomas Edison was occupied by his work, therefore, he was careless.

But in our case, we’ve filled our mind with all kind of worries and don’t know how to be happy in life. We live our life as if we’ve got the responsibility of the whole world on our shoulders. We are always busy in our imagination and wait till unhappiness and sadness become our behavior.

To come out from the trap of the mind, breathe.

Whenever you feel unmindful or sense anxiety arising in you or just going about to Google how to be happy, inhale deeply and speak “In” and while you exhale, speak “Out”.

Speaking “In” and “Out” does not require the use of the mind. You can avoid the thousands of thoughts by just practicing this simple habit.

5. Fake A Smile To Learn How To Be Happy

In today’s work demanding world, it is difficult to think about how to be happy and enjoy the life. But we can always spend a few minutes in smiling.

After all, a smile is contagious. When you smile, your family smiles and then the whole city smiles and finally, the earth become a happy place to live on.

Thich Nhat Hanh often calls the smile a “mouth-yoga” as forming a smile can relax hundreds of face-muscles.

Give a compliment to a man on his dressing style. He will feel confident about himself. He will naturally wear a smile while talking to others. Even if the opposite person is unhappy, he has to fake a smile. He can’t show himself as an unhappy and depressed man. So he smiles and without his awareness, his brain release dopamine and eventually, he becomes happy. Now this person will meet others and spread happiness around him. The process continues.

A beautiful smile is the best makeup you can always place on your face. I know you don’t want to suffer and always want to remain happy and so do the other people want to savor the same happiness. No one wants to suffer. Everyone wants to smile. Become a reason behind their smile.

Practice forming a fake smile every morning for the next 21 days and soon a natural smile will become your behavior.

I hope now you got to know how to be happy and bring back the joy of life. If you like the article, subscribe this website so that you do not miss any post or news update.

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