How To Do More In Less Time – 3 Simple Ways To Remain Productive Every Day

There are some goals that need more attention and stability of mind. Without a focused mind and patience, nothing is achievable. Whereas an absorbed mind can help you understand the subject or your goal in a clearer and unpredictable way, an unfocused mind lead you towards a wrong direction and thus resulting in failures or loss of time.

Before working on any goal, I remind myself five exceptional truths that are mandatory to do more in less time:

  1. Patience is the key. Stick to the goal for at least one month to see the results
  2. Work at least 5 hours every day
  3. Remove distractions
  4. Disconnect with the energy-drainers
  5. Stay positive

These points if followed release half the burden of being productive at work or at home.

Apart from that, there are a few phenomenal habits that should be developed to do more in less time, which are as follows.

How To Be Productive Every day

1. The Action Machine

As soon as you set your goal, become an action machine. What I meant to say is that no matter how much motivated you feel from within, you cannot achieve your goal unless you take action on your plans.

Taking actions are the fundamental habits of all successful ventures. An idea without action remains only an idea. An idea looks good, but it’s not the reality. Taking immediate actions is the bridge between an idea and reality.

Scientists have proved that every successful or unsuccessful action strengthens your ability to take more decisions. Both the right and wrong actions will push you forward in the right direction, for applying ideas into life gives experiences, be it positive or negative.

Eventually, actions reinforce your ability to interpret life in a whole new way and show you alternatives to reach your goals in less time. However, this is only possible If you are attuned with your goal and have a burning desire to achieve it anyhow.

2. Routine is Important

Everyone has goals in life, but not everyone has a ritual.

A few months back I fixed a goal of reading fifty-two books in six months.

Before getting on to the goal, I found out that it takes about eight hours to read a three-hundred-page book. Keeping that in mind, I made a routine to read two hours as soon as I get up in the morning and two hours before going to bed.

I followed it for seven days and developed into as a daily ritual. Now, I’ve read forty-five books out of fifty-two and still, there are about twenty days I’m left with.

Developing a routine is a sure way to success and to do more in less time, for it helps you to focus on important practices and unconsciously let your mind drop off the unimportant tasks.

In the beginning, you might get uncomfortable. It’ better to start small and practice the necessary habits for an hour or two for a week. Once, you impress patterns upon your mind, you can increase the hours.

3. Find The Reason To Do More In Less Time

Why was I so obsessed with reading fifty-two books in six months? Because I was writing a course on my blog.

(I’m glad that I’ve completed my research work and released a 365 Day Program recently. If you wish to join me, you can click here to know more about it.)

If you are able to discover your “Why” no goal seems unachievable. The same reason can become a source of motivation and let you not sleep until you have moved forward. Quite naturally, your speed and focus double up. You will be able to retain information or deliver your performance in less time.

Never to forget: a motivated dunce can beat an intelligent one having low-level of motivation.

How To Get Things Done When Depressed


Breathe In. Breathe Out.

As you speak the above words while performing deep breathing, you will find the monkey-mind come back to its normal state. Generally, I sit or lie down at my back and look at the roof or an object placed before me.

To clarify my point, I assume a chair right in front of me:

Breathing in and breathing out, I take notice of the texture of the green towel placed above the chair. I look at the design at the back of the chair, check-check. The cream-colored chair looks outdated, probably five years old. The towel laid on it seems fresh, two threads hanging loosely out of it, curling each other in the winter wind entering the room from an open window behind me.

Observing every little detail about the occurrences will divert your mind, impeding the unwanted thoughts. In less than 10 minutes, you’ll feel lighter and more clear.

The sole purpose of practicing mindfulness is to make your life sensitive and to extract the bliss from the smallest object or event occurring before you.

Covering up: Productive Life Definition

Productivity is not in achieving ten goals every day. It is in realizing the importance of one big goal.

I’ve seen people making a random to-do list. I’ve seen the same people merely accomplishing any valuable goal. I’m not against of making a to-do list. In fact, I too create one every day.

Creating a to-do list is also an art. Often people write down random goals in the list, stuffing it with unimportant, time-consuming tasks.

The right way to create a to-do list is to jot down only those activities that are important and drive you towards the one big goal. Listing activities out of the track is a sure way to lose energy, time and getting stuck in a busy life rather than a productive one.

Summing up the blog on how to do more in less time, I leave you with the question put by Henry David Thoreau: “It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”

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