I Don’t Know What To Do With My Life – 7 Easy Ways To Find Your Calling

A few years ago, I also have the “I don’t know what to do with my life” slogan for myself. Then it was my fortune that I found my interest in reading books.

As my life was overwhelming and I didn’t know what to do with my life, I began to read spiritual books one after another and found my calling, which was to lead a spiritual life.

Gradually, I developed the art of storytelling and started this blog just after publishing Superhuman in You.

It took me a lot of time to come this far, but as I was already following my calling, making a career in writing was not difficult. It only required me to read and write every day. I held on to one single goal for years and vanished the mantra “I don’t know what to do with my life.”

Most people have unfulfilled dreams. They are still finding the best possible route to achieve the same.

But a few talks about those who are still looking for a strong reason to get up and kick-start the day with enthusiasm and optimism.

I know how frustrating and depressing it is to live a life without goals and dreams.

On this, I recall a story of a man sitting on a horse, galloping down the road.

Everyone thinks the man has something important to do. Another man, who was standing alongside the road when asked: “Where are you going?”

“I don’t know, ask the horse,” the horse-rider reverts.

The horse is our life which is pulling us here and there and we’ve no control over the reins of life.

In fine, he was in a similar condition of what we’re talking about “I don’t know what to do with my life.”

I promise you’ll have the solution by the end of this blog. Yet, knowing is not enough; the decisions and how immediately you take actions on the following points entirely depends on you.

1. Look Back On Your Childhood

As a child, we were much happier than we are right now. The reason is simple — because we only did what we love.

We were not serious about the life. Whatever we did, we did it from our heart. We had unique ideas and thoughts (no matter how foolish it seems to us right now) and had no social responsibility. We were not afraid of what people would think of us.

What is one thing that brought a smile to your face? What were the subjects that ignited curiosity in you? What were the games that you enjoyed playing? What places did you use to visit more often? As you look back on your childhood, ask these simple questions from yourself.

2. Write 10 Ideas In Your Journal

You don’t have a goal to pursue does not mean that your mind has stopped working. In fact, our brain thinks mostly when we’ve nothing to do, and that’s how we drive ourselves into the state of overthinking.

Not only writing everything down on a paper de-clutters the thinking process but also it’ll help you in attaining a clear vision. Remember ideas are the foundation of every extraordinary products and piece of art.

Not every day you’ll get great ideas, but if you keep jotting down, one day you’ll find your true calling. The only thing will be left afterward is to create a plan and strategy to complete the work you are destined for.

As you develop this habit, you’ll feel a little uncomfortable but over the period of time, it will become a part of your daily routine. Read the awesome benefits of journal writing.

3. Develop Long-Lasting Habits

When you don’t know what to do with life, simply go for developing long-lasting habits. Reading and a regular exercise routine top the lists of highly effective habits. Read about the habits that can help you achieve anything this year.

Pick up a habit, block the next couple of months and make it into your daily routine. After a few months, you’ll feel a sense of achievement and become more confident than ever before.

One good habit will naturally develop all the aspects of your life. For instance, if you follow an exercise routine you’ll naturally get better in the following areas:

  1. Mental health: Regular exercise reduces depression and anxiety. It increases your mental capacity too.
  2. Physical health: Even 30 minutes of regular exercise increases the metabolic rate, which ultimately hastens the weight loss.
  3. Control mood swings: It increases the happiness-hormone “endorphins” in the body.
  4. Remove tiredness: A research shows that regular exercise reduces fatigue and increase the energy levels.
  5. Improves sleep quality: According to a study, as we work out, the temperature of our body increases which further improves the quality of sleep.
  6. And increase wealth: Obviously, you don’t have to spend chunks of money paying your medical bills and as a result, you can put the same money in wealth creation. Read here 7 Brilliant Lessons you should read before losing it.

4. Disconnect Yourself

In this scientific world, we’ve forgotten the value of arts. Science is logicality and rationality whereas arts give pleasure. The longer you stick yourself to the scientific world (Internet, Social Media, TV…) the more you narrow down the path towards joy in life.

I encourage you to cut the time you spend watching TV and surfing social media, and look towards nature, the trees and plants, or read poetry or a book or something that can connect you with your soul. Writing a blog or all your thoughts down on a paper is also an incredible technique to connect heart and mind together.

5. Give A Try

If I had not given a try to pick a book and start reading, I would not have reached this far. I was lucky enough to find my interest at the age of eighteen.

Back then I was a teen and was curious enough to try everything I laid my hands on.

The lesson I learned: until you do not try, you won’t be able to find your true calling and what extraordinary qualities you possess.

6. Find Out Your Core Beliefs And Values

Understanding about your own core beliefs and values will help you find out the toxic behavior which is causing boredom in life. Just like, in Chemistry, two products react together to create a new compound, our inner core values and beliefs bring out the results in the exterior world.

It might also happen that you already knew what you’ve to do in life, but some kind of fear or doubt is stopping you, causing procrastination, instead of facing challenges.

You may love playing table tennis or football or you might be interested in playing guitar or learning a foreign language, and any other thing but the hurdles, circumstances and the pressure from the society may have blindfolded you.

It may also happen, as mentioned earlier, you think yourself not as great as the professionals of your area of interests.

If it so, remember what Emerson wrote once, “Every artist was once an amateur”.

If you know what you love doing but don’t have courage from where to start, peep into your belief system and mend it.

7. Never Say Again, “I don’t know what to do with my life.”

You don’t have to figure out what you’ve to do with your life. If you wait for the day worth living for, you’ll waste a lot of your time.

Today, you don’t know what to do with your life, but the future is uncertain. So do not get frustrated when the life’s purpose seems hazy, instead use the priceless time in doing something productive. (Read why worry about the future? 3 simple steps to control mind).

I hope you love reading the blog. I’ll be glad to see your views in the comment section. Also, If you enjoy the post, subscribe below to this website so that you never miss this kind of blogs and latest updates.

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