Importance of Education

Importance of Education: 2 Ways To Educate Yourself In A Right Way

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Everyone in this world is facing problems every day. Among these, half of the population is crying, screaming and hitting head on the walls of temples, masjids, and churches. The remaining half has accepted their problems, winning over it and living a better life.

I remember reading the words of Perelman that showed me a clear-cut truth: ‘Learning is what most adults will do for a living in the 21st century.’

Learning is not what we did in school. In fact, I feel shame when schools set a curriculum for a child and ask him to be the first rat in the rat race.

I neither did well in school nor in college. I was not a good student at all. I just read books and heard a lot of speeches from scientists, saints, politicians and social workers.

The speeches I’ve listened to and the authors I’ve read are the teachers who made me a life-long learner.

The books I read did not do the work of filling me with the knowledge but it did in kindling the fire that was lying within me. It just showed me how to be curious in order to live life in higher truth.Importance Of Education

The essence of education is not in teaching how to score well in exams but in teaching how to learn and bring a change in one’s attitude and character.

If you give a formal education to a student it will never be enough for him. He needs “the wisdom of life” — the education focuses on enlightening the mind as well as the heart.

If a student learns “the wisdom of life”, he will always remain free. He will live above all the baseless superstition and become more tolerant. He will respect other’s culture and tradition. He will not just sit and cry in his miseries, but he will understand the power of failures, commitments, and actions.

People and companies collapse because they never work enough to update themselves with the changing world. They use their old tricks and techniques to run the business.

Despite knowing that we can’t go in the war with the sticks, we are fighting with the people who have incredible skills and the latest tools in their arsenal.

I love doing research. The whole day long I just sit in my chair and read articles, research papers, magazines, books… After spending the whole three years in observing people and reading about life and its philosophies, I concluded two points how every individual can educate himself and achieve greatness in life.

1) Discover The Purpose Behind The Birth

First, by constantly reminding individually that there is a purpose behind his birth. If there is no purpose, we would not exist at all.

Everyone is here to fill in the blank. We’ve to understand that we’ve to fill the space in the world.  The world will always remain incomplete without our thoughts and actions.

The thoughts and gifts we are grown with don’t belong to us. We came with emptiness and we shall depart from here with emptiness. Before death comes to us, we would make sure we’ve returned everything to the world.

We don’t have to follow anyone. It’s our duty that we live a life of a leader. Making followers is not a work of a leader. Leading people in a right direction is a leader. A leader empowers others to become a leader.

I remember reading the regent’s axiom in the book The Long Walk To Freedom (Amazon) by Nelson Mandela: ‘A leader is like a shepherded. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind.’

A wise man is one who listens to everyone but do what his heart says. An educated mind listens and lives according to the mind of others. A wicked mind always tries to create clashes among the people of the country.

No prime minister and no president can change the nation until we make every individual of the nation understand how to self-educate himself.

2) Contribute To Society

Second, by making sure that every individual understands his role in helping the people around him, contributing to society.

A woman was walking down the deserted streets of Roam when he saw a group of labourers breaking stones at the roadside. The woman went up to one of the workmen and asked him what he was doing.

‘Can’t you see? I’m breaking stones,’ the man replied.

She went to another labour and asked him the same question, ‘What are you doing?’

With a gentle smile, the man replied, ‘Oh, I am helping build the world’s tallest cathedral!’

Both of the men were doing the same work, but only one is the leader. Every small work is great if completed as a leader.

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