life is about choices

Life Is About Choices – 3 Simple Yet Powerful Lessons You Should Know

Do you know life is about choices that we make, consciously or unconsciously, every day? Do you know you can choose a more meaningful, deep life and let the inner world bloom?

Recently, I rented an apartment in Noida where I’ve been living alone for past couple of weeks. It is not the first time that I’ve been enjoying my own company. The thought of spending time in solitude first came to my mind when I was a college student.

Those days, I sit and contemplate on every thought I get. I pick up a spiritual idea of a saint or simply read some lines from a book and try to understand the author’s perception of life.

Although I’ve wasted whole a lot of time in understanding the life (which I think no one can understand), one thing I’ve discovered that life is about choices and what situations we’re in right now are the results of the decisions we’ve taken in the past.

The future depends on the same — choices we’re going to make today.

Although there are many other factors — circumstances, emotions, relationships, etc. — create a huge impact, it is almost impossible to ignore what kind of life we choose for us.

Life Is About Choices

I have a habit of waking up early in the morning. I start my day with a leisure walk around my room and make my way to a nearby tea shop.

It’s been over half a decade that I’ve been following this same routine because I believe morning is the perfect time when you can connect with nature and your surroundings. A well spent morning not only brings optimism to life but also makes you feel grateful for a new day.

It was 5 in the morning when I shut the door of the building behind than the owner of the house woke up with the noise. She told me that I broke up her sleep and next time if I go outside, I should be more careful that I do not disturb others.

The way she talked to me ruined my mood. She could even tell the same in a kind manner.

I was upset and all my way down to the tea shop, I cursed the landlady, “I’m paying rent for living here. It’s my wish either I wake up at 5 or sleep all day. I didn’t mean to disturb anyone, and how could she talk to me like that.”

For the next few hours, I remained distressed until I made a point to let go of what had happened.

I did not want to waste my day and as life is all about choices. I could choose happiness over everything. The very next moment, I sat in the mediation for about fifteen minutes and let the thoughts come and go off my mind.

As I came out of the meditation, I was relieved from the pain and had the peace of mind back. I settled myself in my study and concluded why life is about choices and 3 important lessons everyone should know.

1. You Can Either Cry or Smile

The philosophy of Four Noble Truths by Gautama Buddha starts with explaining that life is suffering. You grow spiritually, mentally and physically when you suffer in pain. There is no other way.

Another truth that most people are unaware of is we can look for the ways to enjoy our sufferings.

Now, the question is how to make the suffering joyful? By choosing the mindset that in the end, every experience makes perfect sense.

Life is about choices. You can either cry or smile.

I regret wasting my time worrying about the things that never happened in reality. There was always a strange kind of feelings that dreaded me every time I think about the future.

The day when I accepted to detach myself with the results, I began to attract inner peace. Now, I don’t hope for the best. I just do my work. If something happens good in life, I call it a miracle. On the other hand, if something bad happens, I take it as a part of life.

Instead of crying about the problems, I do whatever it takes to solve the issue.

The only goal that I’ve now in my life is to have peace of mind. I encourage others to follow the same. Life is about choices. You can always choose peace of mind.

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2. You Can Choose To Be Imperfect

The biggest source of unhappiness is that people choose perfection over imperfection. As a result, they are always disappointed with themselves.

I receive many messages from the budding writers who want to write their own book, but always fail to gather the courage to write down as the fear of being imperfect catches them.

I don’t know why people do not understand that they do not need P.H.D in literature to write their story.

Life is all about choice and they can always do whatever they want, without being qualified for any course or special education. Good news is, like me, they do not have to be the bestseller to earn living writing.

Everyone sucks. Even the first draft of this blog was pathetic. Everything is created twice or thrice or sometimes it takes years to make something near to perfect.

As soon as you accept the beauty of imperfection, you open up your wings and free yourself from all the doubts and negativity of life.

3. You Can Choose To Invest

The more you invest in the people, relationships, and knowledge, the more you will be able to improve your quality of life. Investment simply means to lose a little of something in order to receive something huge in the future.

You’ve to sacrifice a little part of your life. These small sacrifices every day will bring huge happiness in the long run. For instance, if a person sleeps 7 hours a day, he can choose to cut down his sleep by one hour and use the time in reading a book or practicing any skill.

If we invest one hour of our day in improving our knowledge on a specific field, we will end up spending nearly 2000 hours at the end of five years, which is a sure way towards achieving mastery.

Long time back, a literature scholar suggested me to add 2000 new words to my vocabulary, if I want to create magic with the English language. Although I still lag behind my goal of learning new words, I’ve seen a positive change in my way of writing and I still invest most of my day in improving my skills.

Another fundamental key I’ve noticed is that wherever a person focuses, he expands it. If he focuses on sadness, it grows. If he thinks about happiness, he starts attracting happiness.

So, understanding that in whatsoever area you’re going to invest your focus, it will expand or grow.

Sparing an hour daily is not a big deal. No matter how busy your life looks like, you can always invest an hour in yourself. After all, life is about choices and you can always choose a better life.

What choices did you make in the past that changed your life? Share it with me in the comments below. Also, if you like reading the post, subscribe to this website so that you never miss this kind of blogs and latest updates.

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