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5 Fundamental Lessons To Grow Quickly In Life And Make Your Mark

In my childhood, it was clear to me, through my mother, that without hard work, life has no meaning.

After finishing all the household work, she made us study. Until we repeat the lessons by heart to her, she didn’t allow us to sleep.

She was the last among us who to go to bed. She was the first one to get up before the dawn. She made tea for us and woke us up. Then she would again ask the same questions from the chapters we prepared a night before.

I learned the art of practicing and revising one thing over and over in my childhood. I do the same thing till now. Over the years, I’ve practiced a lot on developing rare habits – mindfulness, reading, writing, meditation, exercise, journaling, and practicing silence and so on.

It was clear to me that the more habits I develop, the more comfortable I make my life. So, every morning I come up with a to-do-list and spend my days on improving myself rather than wasting time.

Over time, I learned several lessons that I wish I knew before. I hope the below-listed lessons will help you in becoming superhuman.

Have an eagle eye

Do not follow your dreams, if you do not have an eagle eye. It is a case of lack of planning if you do not know what you’ve to do tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

Without a clear vision, you cannot reach your ultimate destination.

To be precise, you’ve to set exact goals, rather than seeing the blur images. “I want to lose weight” cannot be categorized under goals. It’s just a wish. Wish cannot be accomplished.

Committing to a specific sentence like “I want to lose 1 KG in a fortnight,” appears as a stronger commitment.

Your planning should not be limited to a couple of weeks. Like an eagle eye, you must be able to look at what you’ve to do in the forthcoming months.

As you are working on your goals, do not forget to reflect on your performance and the outcome.

Most people quit after a few days, for they can’t see the results. Often it takes at least a couple of month to see whether you’re going in a right direction. Make sure to stick yourself to your decisions.

Do not miss a day

Years before, I had a dream of becoming a writer. I was continuously reprimanding my luck. The problem was I was keep dreaming, but never acted upon them. It took me years to convince myself to write every single day if I’ve to make my dreams come true.

Today, I write every day, without thinking much about the future. This is my top priority.

Even if I’m going through emotional or physical pain, I do not miss a day. That’s how I’ve been continuously improving and creating the things that I’ve never thought.

People call it discipline, the ability to act, irrespective of your circumstances.

When you work continuously without thinking about the results, your work does not remain a duty but becomes a part of your lifestyle.

Spend money on yourself

Earlier, I used to spend 10-20% of the money on educating myself. Last month, I spent about 50% of my money on purchasing books and creating a free eCourse for my readers.

I value my readers. They are not my customers through which I’ve to make money. They are the one who has helped to come this far. I go on writing free content for them. This not only allows my readers to understand me better but also helping me fulfilling the purpose behind my life.

When you start investing in yourself, your perception towards your business and life changes. You can see the things that other people are missing.

Although the results do not appear immediately, you create an invisible wealth for your future. The things might not work now, but everything will make sense in the future if you commit to investing in yourself.

The outside world can be mastered easily if you can master your inner world.

Ask yourself – what good shall I do today?

I’ve been journaling for over the years. Every morning, I ask myself the same question that Benjamin Franklin often asked himself, “What good shall I do today?”

I do not sleep if I’ve not done any good today.

Over 90% of the people stay in the comfort zone. No one wants to come out of their sweet spot and try to magnify their abilities.

Understanding that life starts out of the comfort zone opens the doors of opportunities and possibilities in our life.

A permanent, comfortable life comes after attending hundreds, even thousands of sessions of discomforts.

Remember you can go beyond what you’re right now and achieve miraculous results in a short span if you are eager to walk an extra mile every day.

Make smart decisions

Even one foolish decision can result in loss of money and time. Making smart choices is a skill. You’ll get better in making sound judgments only after learning about it.

In my case, I make decisions after reading the books about the problem I’m facing. I find ten concepts through which I can strengthen my abilities. The more choices I have, the more flexible I become in taking decisions.

Don’t act too immediately. Take your time. Ask the opinions and help from about ten people in your industry. One secret of theirs can trigger your success rate. Find out that secret. If it works for you, repeat the strategy.

A few years ago, I found a simple trick on improving my writing skills, i.e., to share your life experiences no matter how boring it may sound. I applied the method in every article of mine. Even the worst blog of mine attracted hundreds of shares.

To date, I’ve been sharing my own experiences and life lessons. It helped me in two ways.

First, I don’t have to think creatively or come up with a fictional story to grab readers as all the blogs come up from my own experiences.

Second, I write blogs faster than ever before. I think about my past and come up with the life lesson, a new blog post.

Finding tricks can be the reason why I read a lot of books in my area of interest. It’s never easy to see the secrets of any business. No professional will tell you the secret. Either you’ve to build good relationships with them, or you’ve to stalk them until you find how they are growing.

Once you’re determined to make smart decisions, you’ll be able to create maximum results in less time. At last, I encourage you to keep pushing forward your “self-improvement” journey. The wiser we become in handling ourselves, the more we easier for us to live in the world.

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  1. Thank u Nakul for this blog. I have been stressed for the last 4 – 5 months. Eventhough I keep on reading I can’t get peace of mind. I didn’t get the result what I want. I don’t know where I failed. Today I got a little development. At that time I read ur post. Thank you very much

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