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How Little Changes Bring Huge Difference In My Life (And How It Can Help You Too!)

When I feel down I try to observe the cause of my sufferings. It is easy for me to seize the pain arising from one or two ways. But what shall I do if I’m suffering from a lot of problems and emotions? If I’m feeling down because of so many things I create a list:

  • Got into an argument with someone.
  • The people around me do not care what I’m doing for them.
  • I’m overwhelmed by too much of work.
  • I need someone to talk.
  • I’m overthinking.
  • Oh God! My life is screwed up. Shower some peace.
  • It is hard to live a good life.

I sit on my bed and break down into little sobs. I’m upset and disheartened. I curse everyone on the planet. Fortunately, I remind myself that I’ve never been so weak to lose the control over my life.

I gather myself up. I pick up my phone and play Jaapji by Guru Nanak.

I peel off my clothes and go into the bathroom. I turn on the shower. While bathing I meditate on the words of Guru Nanak. I feel a little better.

I put on my clothes and go to my study table and review the list I just wrote down.

I can’t fix everything at once. I take the first step and talk with my roommate with whom I fought in the morning. He looks fine now. He is studying his books. He is good at mathematics. I ask him to solve the problem on which I got stuck a few days ago.

He accepts my query, picks up his pen and begins to teach me. He is compassionate. He looks into my eyes while talking. I sense the honesty and compassion in his words. He solves my doubt. “Thank you so much” I smile. He does the same.

I’m wrong that people do not care about me. If I do care for others I get the love back from them. I learn whatever I give to the world, it comes back to me.

I go out of the house. I take a long walk. I breathe in and out the air mindfully. I observe people walking down the road. I watch the clear sky and the large trees at the corner of the street.

I walk slowly and calmly. The waves of negative emotions begin to settle down. I come to the present moment. The world which looked evil to me now has become an internal part of me. I begin to feel bliss.

I return to home. I again play the Jaapji and sit at my study table. I read a few pages from the A Long Walk To Freedom by Nelson Mandela. I read the author’s struggles and how he overcomes it. Indeed, Nelson Mandela was one of the greatest leaders on the earth.

My problems are nothing as compared to his. I look at the portrait of Guru Nanak. I bow before him and feel gratitude. God has already given me a lot. With the help of Him, I will continue my journey. I cannot see him, but his blessings are always with me.

I meditate. I get the goosebumps. I’m aware of his presence. And with each passing moment, I feel a lot better.

I sit for my evening meal. I read and write for the two whole hours. I make a call to my parents. They seem to be delighted while talking to me. My mother is happy as my father took a leave from the office to spend time with her.

I put down the call and go to the bed early. I remind myself of my parents and elder sister. She is going to have a baby soon. She sent me an image of her in the morning. I open her picture. She looks beautiful. She has a gentle smile on her face. She is the noor of my eyes.

I close my eyes and feel gratification with what I’ve in my life. Life is beautiful and it is very easy to live a good one. Soon I drift off.

Try to savor each moment and feel gratitude in life. Take small steps to become a better person. And soon you will be free from your worries.

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