being happy - let go move on and change life

Mini Blogs For Being Happy – Let Go, Move On And Change Your Life

I started writing these mini blogs on my website on 28th January 2017. The reason behind mentioning the date is that after few years if I look back on these posts I could see where I’ve reached in life. Moreover, I’m deeply connected with these blogs as every blog reminds me of my journey as a young writer.

I used to share mini blogs on my social profiles. I thought it would be delighting if I compile them somewhere. Recording them in a journal looked good to me. But then what I would do with my knowledge just keeping it to me? Also, I’ve lost many journals, and if I lose this journal it would become difficult to write these posts again.

The only request I ask you to deal these posts with care. Although I’ve quoted leaders, poets, saints, and philosophers, these blogs are the reflection of my heart and of the knowledge I’ve gained from many books.

I’ve recommended a book at the end of every blog to help readers study the title in detail. I’ve personally read all of them and I hope the suggested books will enlighten their souls.

This list is work in progress.  I make sure that I update the list every week. Keep visiting the page to read these kinds of blogs.

Click on the titles to explore.

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