Moving from Lower To Higher Truth: Philosophy

I’ve always strived for moving from the lower truth to the higher truth. I read books, apply the words in my life and share my experiences with others. I’m happy. Sometimes, I feel miserable too. But my happiness is greater than my unhappiness.

Many people spend more melancholy days than cheerful days. It is only because they are still on the lower truth. There was a businessman who was having money but no peace. He had a friend who always seemed to be glad. His friend has both money and peace.

While leaving for his company every morning, he always looked at the family playing badminton in the park nearby. He thought of his own family and got reminded of the time when he and his family spent good times together.

One day, the businessman asked his friend that how come he and his family always remained happy. His friend was a spiritual man. His friend smiled and said, ‘It’s all about moving from the lower truth to the higher truth.’

When the businessman asked to tell further about it, his friend said, ‘Strive for freedom. Find the answer of “Who are you?”’ and left the place. It was the enlightening words for the businessman. The businessman understood everything in just one sentence: ‘Strive for Freedom.’

Moving From Lower To Higher Truth

In order to attain freedom, a man must first get rid of all the superstition. The higher truth is the knowledge of Self.

Swami Vivekananda told something about Jesus that directs us towards freedom. As he said, ‘First Jesus taught of a Father in heaven and to pray to Him. Next, he rose a step higher and told them, “I am the vine, you are the branches”, and lastly, he gave them the highest truth: “I and my Father are one, the kingdom of heaven is within you.”’

Temples, churches, masjids… are good for a man to begin his journey towards finding his real journey, but he should always strive for the higher truth. The higher truth is not to achieve the God or to earn money, but it is to find the ‘Real You.’

What is the Higher Truth?

As the spirituality says, ‘There are no beliefs, no sacred words, no heaven, no hell, no creed, no church — there is only the Atman (Self).

Wisdom and knowledge are the higher truths. Wisdom and knowledge come from passion. If you know about your passion you are on the lower truth. When you start working on your passion, you start your journey towards wisdom. When a man jumps into the ocean of his passion he feels bliss.

You are passionate – you are Sat Chit Anand (Existence, Knowledge, Bliss). The people, who understood how to work with passion, have attracted happiness in their life.

Investing in getting knowledge has not only made their life beautiful but also the life of people who surround them. (Read more: How Passion Attracts Wisdom?)

When we stand in front of a mirror, we find our shadow, and our shadow cannot find the real power within us. Most people are living on the opinions and experiences of others. We cannot find our-self through their suggestions.

Our eyes cannot see the inner world. Close the eyes and see what is there to be manifested.

We are not our brain. We are not our body. We are not brain and body because they always want to be comfortable. A man finds the truth can’t cling to the comfort.

Self is infinite. People who’ve achieved big are not happy that they possess wealth and health. They are content because they became infinite on this journey.

Haven’t you heard what they say: ‘Everything is possible.’? Not everyone tells you that everything is possible.

I encourage you to find the Purpose Behind Your Birth

How to move from the lower truth to the higher truth?

Below are the top 8 steps that will help you along your journey.

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  1. Youngsters like you are needed for the society… people need to apply all this in life … life of everyone including me has become a bunch of responsibilities and the stress to complete them… … very nice article..! #feelingmotivated .. thanks !

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