one year can change your life

One Year Can Change Your Life

No one is born with any talent or intelligence. It is all about the love of a man towards art that makes him wise. Sometimes the motivation to live an independent life, without any worries, makes a man believe in himself and give a chance to his passion.

In my case, I am inspired by the latter that is to live a self-governing life. And when I made a point to give a try to do something different in life, I became a writer in just a year.

Now, I don’t care what is happening outside my room. I just sit on my chair and lose myself in the books of great writers. Truly, I feel blessed.

Before a few years ago, I’ve not read any book or ever thought to try my hand in English. But then, a year later, I was a writer with thousands of fans and readers. I accept I am neither perfect nor I have a good command of language, but I really believe that you don’t need to be perfect to get what you want.

To walk down on your path is an act of bravery. Most people don’t believe that they can live a tremendous life. They are always in search of securities and in making backup plans. The backup plan works every time as it distracts you from your real journey. Now, you are on a super-highway where everyone is running. You feel secure amidst the people. You postpone your living. And a day will come when you will die. You have done nothing good with your life.

After four days of your death, people will forget you. You have departed from this planet. No one wants to remember you. What is the use of living like this? It is better for you to die now. However, people will forget you after four days. My best friend died when I was in school. Once a year I get reminded of him because he was my best friend and nothing more.

The only thing I did to change my life is to accept the hard task, rather than being comfortable. I stepped into my fears. I started reading books. In the beginning, it was hard for me. Earlier, I worked on myself for 6 hours a day. I was studying my engineering also. I was distracted. So later, I decided to believe in myself. I stopped searching for securities.

I gave up my books of engineering. I doubled my hard-work. I worked on my writing skills for 15 hours a day. Sometimes, I only slept four hours a day. At the end of a year, I read around 100 books.

Now, I was passionate about books. I had got a lot of knowledge on the genre I love the most, self-improvement and spirituality.

Many times, I thought to quit. I was disappointed. I even cried. But to cry, scream and weep has no relation with writing. I got so busy in becoming a writer that I don’t get the time to fret.

Below are a few lessons that I learned in just one year that can help you to leave a mark behind, rather than dying without giving anything good to the world:

  1. You will die someday. Don’t search for securities. Life is notorious and it loves throwing problems to human beings. Accept living in problems and get busy in designing masterpiece.
  2. Don’t become “Jack of all trades and master of none”. A lot of people are trying to achieve everything and that is not possible. You can play one game at a time. You can become a master of one game at a time.
  3. The people who follow others are stupid. Don’t follow anyone. Become a leader and write your own stories.
  4. If people around you are not stopping you then you are not playing your biggest game.
  5. Become a child again. Children never fear. They do what they want to do. They learn faster than adults.
  6. Your life is limited. Don’t waste it on others.
  7. Live your life with passion. Declare that you are in not control of anyone. Stop living on the shoulders of others. Corpses are carried on others’ shoulders. You are alive. Blood is still circulating across your head. You have legs and arms too. What are you waiting for? Walk with your head held high. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. It will never come. The right time to change your life is now. And always remember, one year can change your life.

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