my clear conscience

My Clear Conscience

The middle man who struggles in his early life always gets enough to keep his body and soul together. It is good to be a middle man, but not as good as to live a happy and peaceful life. A beautiful life comes in either discovering the gifts dwelling in you or by learning how […]

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Story of Me and My small room

In search of peace, I left the rented palatial apartment in the beginning of my third year of graduation and moved to this small room. I sold all my old belongings except my red printed curtains before coming here. I’ve no idea what made me bring these curtains here but I feel good to see […]

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On Way to Her School

It was a premature morning. The sun was rising behind the hills. The cock awoke and prepared itself to cry out its alarm. The birds chirped about the sky, the women waddled about the house and the milkman serviced the streets. Kalu, son of the baniya who ran a grocery store, came out from his house and […]

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The Girl in Gol Bazaar, Ganganagar

Dawn crept quietly over the sleeping Ganganagar. I saw father waddling about the house, rubbing his hands under the nipping blanket of winter. Though he was covered up with an overcoat over a couple of warm shirts, he was quivering and looked somewhat frail.             I climbed down my bed and walked to verandah. I […]

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How I am spending my vacations…

As the festival vacations have begun, half of the students have departed for their respective hometowns. The remaining half is using their time in sleeping, smoking and drinking. A few among them discovering new places to roam and a few are loitering to discover new places. Whereas I am spending my time with the same […]

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how to attract luck in life

6 Ways To Attract Your Luck

I often feel lucky enough to get the things I ask without any hard work. Most of the time, my luck takes me to cloud nine and makes me feel blessed. It is not like whatever I will say it will happen for sure. But, I do believe whatever I continuously think and say will […]

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