Rewrite your story

Rewrite Your Story

Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going. – Sam Levenson Often people say me that I’m only a 21-year-old boy, but I talk as if I’m a saint or an old man who is sharing stories of his experiences and failures. A few of my teachers even taunted that I’m a boy […]

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Stop Following Leaders, Saints and Gurus

One evening I was roaming around my house. I perceived swarm of people encircled by a playground. When I reached the place, I noticed a monkey-show was being held. I curiously kept a brick in the front row and sat on it.  As the show began, cheers came from the crowd. Some clapped, some danced […]

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purpose behind my birth

Purpose Behind Your Birth

I read somewhere ‘Everyone has a purpose on earth. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t exist at all.’ That’s true. We all have a purpose behind coming on the earth, and nature always sends us signals to understand the life and its aspects. For years, I was again and over again reminded by nature that I […]

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Sing Your Own Song

Whole my life I’m surrounded with the friends who are quarrelsome and garrulous by birth, and aggressive in demeanor. I am one among them. I’ve read somewhere that a man becomes what he reads and what sort of people surrounds him. I did no reading in school. It was later, my curiosity towards English, I […]

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one year can change your life

One Year Can Change Your Life

No one is born with any talent or intelligence. It is all about the love of a man towards art that makes him wise. Sometimes the motivation to live an independent life, without any worries, makes a man believe in himself and give a chance to his passion. In my case, I am inspired by […]

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