paruresis- pee shyness

Paruresis – I’m Unable to Urinate in the Public

One-liner facts and quotes have always fostered positivity in me and added to my knowledge. But some facts and quotes push me into the vortex. If the fact concerns spirituality or religion, I would spend all day contemplating about the quote and come to no conclusion. However, it’s not spirituality. To understand spirituality or religion, one has to think less and experience more. Self-realization can breakthrough at any moment, any day.

On the other hand, one-liner facts have the inclination to unlock the doors of knowledge. I often read them. If a fact interested me I research more about it and get familiar with the topic.

Once, it happened to me that I found myself reading about the “Paruresis” syndrome, a phobia in which a person can’t urinate in the presence of the public. I found the topic quite amusing.

I joined a discussion form where the sufferers shared their stories. I followed the discussion for a week until the thoughts of Paruresis alias pee shyness started occupying my mind. The stories I read in the discussion resurfaced in my mind whenever I urinated in public. A fear of being noticed by people around me in public restroom caught me.  And in no time I became the sufferer of Paruresis syndrome.

It was after reading remedies for a long time I overcame this phobia. Now, whenever I urinate in public restroom I ignore the people around me. I just look at the ceiling or think about stories that I can write down on my blog. If I fail to do so I prefer the private rooms.

A Lesson To Learn

Most people are unaware of the fact that the mind is always absorbing the thoughts from the people surrounding them and the information they are getting from books and social media. They may forget the thoughts coming from around the world but they cannot stop their subconscious mind occupying them.

Your first aim in life should be to control your mind. You are a vehicle. Your mind is the driver. You can’t control your life unless you control your mind. Remember you are not mind, but more powerful and beyond it.

The people surrounding you are insecure, fearful and living in low spirits. Your subconscious mind soaks up their thoughts and starts pushing your life in the same direction. Instead of heaven, you start moving towards hell.

Your life needs a loyal driver. A driver well-instructed breaks fewer rules and take you to the right destination. You’ve to stop affording the same stubborn mind to listen to the instructions of downhearted instructors or human beings. The food you serve your mind must be similar to that of people the winners and happy people.

A bad news for you- you cannot have the brain of the winners without having them around you. Good news – you can read about them through books, magazines, and interviews. And that’s what I’ve been doing for over years.

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Whenever I need advice I do not ask the people around me. I simply pick up a book on the same and read it. It is after reading over a hundred self-help book that I convinced myself that positivity exist and we can live a happier life by feeding pure thoughts to our mind.

Recently I gifted “Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy” to my childhood friend. The book has changed the course of his life. He thanked me for the present. I strongly recommend the same book to one who is in sufferings or want this year to be more blissful and prosperous.

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6 thoughts to “Paruresis – I’m Unable to Urinate in the Public”

  1. Nakul… The phobia is just may be he must have any accident in his past life. I thnk there must be a reason behind the fear… Anybudy having the phobia he can’t share to is hard.. Last gud one nakul.. Keep it up.

  2. Happy to see your blog post again….nice one, thank you. And I too bought that book “Power of your subconscious mind” so eager to read it next.
    Will wait for the next post✌️

    1. Thank you, Dhilshaa. Yeah, it’s been so long since I updated the website.
      ‘Power of Subconscious Mind’ is one among the best self help books I’ve read in my life.
      Sure. Soon I’ll update the next blog. 🙂

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