purpose behind my birth

Purpose Behind Your Birth

I read somewhere ‘Everyone has a purpose on earth. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t exist at all.’ That’s true. We all have a purpose behind coming on the earth, and nature always sends us signals to understand the life and its aspects.

For years, I was again and over again reminded by nature that I had to start my journey. The energy, whether you call it magnetic field energy or the God, always helps us when we start hearing our soul and heart. The energy is nowhere, but it lies within us.

Inhale, the energy is going in your body. Exhale and the energy connects you to nature, the breeze, the plants, and every human being. Try it. Go for a long walk in the early morning or late evening. Take deep breathes. Stop your thoughts.

With each breath feel the energy moving in and out of your body, connecting you to the universe. Give the chance to this idea. Do it every day. Walk or sit under the sky. Perform deep breathing every morning or evening.

One day, it will give you a powerful thought to take reins of your life in your own hands. Then acting upon the thought will depend on how brave and courageous you are.

If you will take action on the powerful idea then by and by energy will open secrets of the universe for you. You will embrace the solitude. You will fall in love with yourself.

A mighty giant will awake within you that will inject you with heavier words. Your face will begin to shine. You will become an influencer and the world will follow you. Whenever people will listen to you, their heart will start beating, a smile will spread on saddened faces, everyone will be energetic.

This is spirituality. This is the path of religion. This is from where Allah, Jesus, Guru Nanak were born.

As I wrote in my earlier post One Year Can Change Your Life: ‘You will die someday. Don’t search for securities. Life is notorious and it loves throwing problems to human beings. Accept living in problems and get busy in fulfilling purpose behind your birth.’

Now the question is: ‘What is the purpose behind our birth?’

I want to share with you the words I wrote in my book Superhuman in You: ‘Everyone who belongs to this beautiful earth is bestowed with the power of self-awakening. This power manifests our talents and abilities and takes us to a place where we can bring about the change in the lives of people around us.’

The power is nowhere, but it lies within us. In fact, everything, whether it is the knowledge of science or knowledge of an instrument or a game, dwells within us.’

‘The real purpose of our path is achieved when we spread the gift of our knowledge to the others who are still trying to understand the true meaning of life.’

I don’t know about anyone, but I am fulfilling the purpose behind my birth and sharing what gifts I’ve been born with. I don’t care how many people are getting inspired by me or whether my words are suitable to this world of technology.

For me, technology can never develop a nation. Jealous, anger and hatred still persists. Psychological development is required for any nation to be called as a developed country.

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6 thoughts to “Purpose Behind Your Birth”

  1. I have read many books and blogs but this article touched my inner soul and I will definitely find that it will help me to my entire life ty for helping the people’s to start believing in themselves…

    1. Thank you so much, Surbhi. Glad you find the article helpful.
      Yes,it’s our responsibility to contribute to society. The more we educate ourselves and others, the faster will be the development of the nation. Education will teach the people how to be tolerant and respect others. I wish you all the best. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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