inspirational buddha quotes

47 Inspirational Buddha Quotes To Connect With Your Soul

Most of the Buddha quotes are extracted from the philosophy of Four Noble Truths. Whatever may be the quotes about, be it Buddha quotes on happiness or Buddha quotes on death, all you can find in the scriptures of Buddhism. Not only Buddha quotes, but even beyond all the knowledge you’ve ever thought. It was […]

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inspirational quotes for students

39 Amazing Inspirational Quotes For Students

As a student, I’ve always searched for the Inspirational quotes for students. For me, the inspirational quotes have worked as a quick dose to boost the motivation level. Whenever I need inspiration, I read five to ten quotes and remain inspired. The idea of writing inspirational quotes for students came to my mind when Aahna, a […]

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30 Law of Attraction Quotes To Attract Peace In Life

Before moving on to the law of attraction quotes let me tell you a little about it. Law of attraction is a philosophy that explains how our negative and positive thoughts bring positive and negative experiences in our life. The law of attraction is based on “pure energy process,” and as Rhonda Byrne wrote in […]

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62 Love Quotes

62 Beautiful Love Quotes To Understand What Is Love All About

Although this post is the collection of people’s perspective on love quotes, I believe love is something which cannot be understood merely in words.  Everyone has a different philosophy of love, but truly, no one has its exact definition. Love is motivation, a divine power, too large and deep which can only be experienced. It […]

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