7 Phenomenal Reasons To Make Productive People Your Friend

People often ask what has changed my life and enhanced my productivity to next level. I simply start talking about the productive people with whom I spend most of my time – my books. As I’ve no friend to whom I can look on for productivity tips, I often turn to the books for help. In the past few years, I’ve read over hundreds of books. I’m committed to reading more and more for the rest of my life.

I cannot say all my friends are energy drainers. Some are not. I had a habit of leaving my goals in the middle only to jump on to the next one. A few of my friends taught me the value of finishing one task at a time. Now, until I finish what I start I do not move on to my next goal.

Although it is difficult to surround ourselves with productive people, we can learn a good deal from them. Thanks to the books written by these productive people. I couldn’t have achieved my goals without the books.

If you have got a productive friend, he’s a blessing for you. Spend your time with him more often. If not, you can read about the 7 phenomenal habits of these productive people below.

1. Productive people make a to-do list

Productive people focus on achieving more and more in less time. Unlike others, they do not waste their time in thinking what to do and what not to do. Every morning, they prioritize tasks by making a to-do list.

They are more aggressive and clever than others in creating a to-do list. They do not run behind multiple goals. They keep on editing their list until they arrive on the most important activity of the day.  Productive people believe in achieving one big goal at a time rather than leaving the day with 10 incomplete goals.

2. Productive people do not go big

There is no one on the earth who has ever achieved overnight success. If someone proclaims it so, he must have done work for years unconsciously to see himself achieving overnight success.

Productive people take small steps every day. They do not go big at once whereas most of us try to finish everything in a day which ultimately overwhelms us. Productive people understand that strength cannot be developed in a day or two. It takes time to see the change.

3. Productive people remain inspired

No one can achieve big without motivation. While most people wait for the motivation to come, productive people motivate themselves and get on to the work as soon as possible. The first thing they do every morning is to read a few pages from an inspirational book or listen to a motivational audio or video. They fuel themselves with positivity before they think of their goals.

4. Productive people avoid distraction

This headline goes to everyone who wants to live a life at their highest level. Indeed, technology has changed the way we live. Unfortunately, it has also marred our productivity. We are unable to avoid the urge of checking our cell phones now and then. Even most of us have the habit of checking our mobile phones right after waking up in the morning.

Productive people know the consequences of relying their precious hours wholly upon the technology. They are incredibly brilliant in avoiding the distraction while working on their goal.

Most successful people either disconnect themselves from technology or use it against distractions by employing productive apps. You can read about the best productive app here.

5. Productive people know the difference between being busy and being productive

Where common people perceive being busy as being productive, productive people use their time effectively. For busy people, 24 hours a day can never be enough. They can always found working on different tasks. They don’t have time for others and often most they are the same people who bring out the small results. Productive people go against it. They don’t find the tasks to get busy. They complete their work sooner than common people and spend rest of their time in enjoying life.

6. Productive people take care of their health

Everyone wants to climb the mountain, but there is no use of reaching the top with a poor health. Productive people take care of their health and make it their top priority. They worship their physical health before mental health. They avoid fatty foods and maintain a balanced diet.

7. Productive people ask themselves questions more often

“What’s the important thing I can do today that will have a long-lasting effect on my life? What are my priorities? Am I productive or busy? What can I do now to live to the fullest? What goals do I’ve to complete today? How can I improve my relationships with others? What damaging habits are sucking my time?” are some questions that productive people constantly ask themselves.

Productive people do not wait for the good things to happen. They work towards in making things good. They do not wait for the perfect moment. They create every moment perfectly. They are the one who lives the life what everyone dreams of.

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