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I Don’t Have Self-Confidence But I’m Achieving Greatness

I’ve never been self-confident in my profession. I spend my life in dreams and hopes. My ability to control my thoughts and emotions helped me in writing freely, but still, I’ve never written anything with confidence.

I love writing so I just do it without caring what others will think and how might they react. Doing work with love and doing work with self-confidence is entirely different.

The man wins a race and speaks, it was unbelievable. He never thought he could win the championship. It just happened, he won. He didn’t have self-confidence but how he won? We’ve also seen people who broke down on the stage while receiving the awards.

They pour their tears out because they’ve not expected they can ever win in the life. They were broken people. They were not having self-confidence. In a hope that something good can happen in the life, they pushed themselves in hard circumstances.

Even most of them raise their head, look at the ceiling of the building and thank God for showering His blessings.

Once, I too won a frog race at my school. Like a man of the match, I raised my head to look into the sky confidently. Unfortunately, I got the poop of the bird passing over my head. That was the end of my self-confidence.

I know a man who is giving motivational speeches for more than 5 years. One day, before going on the stage this man was fighting with his fear.

His body was filled with perspiration. He was striding around the room. His blood pressure was high, his brain burst. The audience was waiting for the seminar to begin. He was not at all confident.

I walked near to him. Before thinking twice, I stopped him and said, ‘Believe in miracles.’ He stared at me for a while and calms himself down.

Then like a cat, he climbed up the stage. He passed a fake smile to the audience and then began speaking.

Within a few minutes, he got control over his emotions and on that day, he delivered the best speech of his career.

He turned around to see me. I was standing at the backstage. He smiled at me. I did the same.

Grabbing the mike again, he said in a stentorian voice, ‘You’ve to believe in miracles.’ The crowd cheered.

People stood up in their seats to honour him. Some of them were just staring at him stupidly. No sooner we moved out of the auditorium, the crowd ran behind us for the autograph.

My friend was happy, but still, he was thinking the show was unbelievable.

You don’t need the Self-Confidence to achieve greatness.

As an African proverb says, ‘A wise man never knows all; only a fool knows everything.’ If a man knows everything he’ll be consumed with self-confidence and one day, when he fails, people around him will say, ‘He failed because he was over-confident.’

It’s not the man who is the self-confident win in the life, but the man who have the courage to try new things in the life.

I encourage you to try the things even if you don’t have self-confidence. Self-confidence is rare. Even great artists work on their crafts over and over again in a hope that their audience will like it. Fear is natural

Trying is the only way to achieve greatness. As Jackson Brown, the author of famous book Life’s Little Instruction Book once wrote, ‘Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.’

Why you should TRY even if you don’t have Self-Confidence

Discovers our Passion

A few years ago, I was a hopeless student. Living a life without aim was filling my days with boredom. Then I picked up the book What Happens to Good People When Bad Things Happen by Robert A Schuler and just thought to give a chance to reading.

As I finished reading the book, I developed a strong faith in God. Going deeper in the philosophy of religion, I get more informed about my values.

Trying can suggest us new options that we’ve not considered. Trying have always made the invisible power lies within everyone visible. Remember, trying doesn’t need self-confidence but courage.

What works and what doesn’t

I can never forget the words of Thomas Edison. How easily he had changed our opinions towards trying and confronting failures. As he said, ‘I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’

People don’t try because it affects their comfort zone, whereas trying prompts us to learn more about ourselves. Oftentimes, I’ve seen people with self-confidence (over-confidence) staying in the comfort zone.

Hence, to know what works and what doesn’t a man should always keep trying even if he doesn’t have self-confidence.

Hastens change

‘As Benjamin Franklin said, ‘When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.’ That is where the most people are standing.

Trying hastens to change. Changing brings progress. Changing expands consciousness.

Self-confidence has never brought change in my life. I’ve always felt something amiss in my life and I’ve always strived hard to achieve excellence. I set goals and try to achieve them.

I’ve developed self-discipline and patience, but still, I’m not sure about self-confidence.

Teaches us that every problem has its own solution

People don’t know that are solutions to every problem they create for themselves. They face depression. Some of us even commit suicide.

It is difficult to have self-confidence while we are passing through hell. That is why Winston Churchill said, ‘If you are going through hell, keep moving’

People who love trying new things know that there are solutions to every problem. Solving problems have always been adventurous for them.

Reveals our Blind Spot

When you start trying to change your world, you find some areas that need focus. These can be your weaknesses or the strength of your life. We can compare it with 80/20 rule, Pareto principle.

The pareto principle states that 20% of your activities produce 80% of your personal and professional reward.

What are your blind spots? What are your 20% activities that are holding the reins of your life?

Keep on trying to improve your life so that you get to know your blind spots. Once you are aware of your blind support you can hold your life.

I don’t have self-confidence, but I know the miracle of trying.

What are your views about self-confidence? How trying things have changed your life? You can share it with me in comments below.

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2 thoughts to “I Don’t Have Self-Confidence But I’m Achieving Greatness”

  1. great post but i am little bit disagree only mentioned here the success without self-confidence but you’ve never mentioned the advantage of having self-confidence,i know that your post is about success without self-confidence but i think that majority of people with self–confidence are successful.

    i also want to add two conflicting points with your post.may be you’ll disagree with me but still- doesn’t matter that people tried new things with or without self-confidence because after it they’ll learn from their failure.’ve mentioned that trying new things with courage but where this courage come from?……..i think it’s from self-confidence.

    1. I respect your views, Suraj.

      1) Yes, people learn from their mistakes.
      2) You may be true. I like your perceptions, Suraj. 🙂 🙂
      But there are people who are just trying the things without confidence.

      There was a boy in my village who was suffering from poverty. He loved music. He had a sonorous voice. He had never been self-confident. One day, his sister fell ill. He didn’t have money, so he began singing. The poor boy went from one door to another in a hope that someone would give him money. It happened.

      People loved his voice so they gave donations. After that, he paid all the bills. His sister was fine now and he was happy again.

      People who want to improve their lives are just trying in a hope that something would happen for them. In fact, the world is moving on hope. Most people don’t have self-confidence. Fear is the worst enemy. It is just our circumstances that are stretching us. People suffer, they try to improve their life and they do. Whatever people have achieved is the result of just trying.. 🙂

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