Books About Finding Yourself – 9 Books To Have A Purposeful Life

There are so many books about finding yourself and your purpose in life, but quite a few books offer practical easy-to-follow action steps. Although the books can share with you the knowledge, it all depends on how you immediately take the action. At one point in life, I didn’t know what to do with my […]

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7 Best T.D. Jakes Books To Strengthen Your Fath In Life

One among the top religious leaders T.D. Jakes books have inspired many souls to worship mankind. Known for his films and books, T.D. Jakes has been accolade with many degrees and doctorates.  His album Wing and a Prayer won the Grammy Award in 2003. He is the pastor of The Potter’s House of Dallas, having […]

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7 All Time Best Zig Ziglar Books To Win In Life

Before reading Zig Ziglar books, I thought selling is a sleazy profession. And it was after reading Secrets of Closing the Sale, that I found selling is one of the toughest jobs on the planet. It is a profession for the bold people who are not afraid of rejections and failures. Secrets of Closing the […]

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og mandino books

9 Ever Best Og Mandino Books To Empower Your Thoughts

I started reading Og Mandino Books after my sister gifted me one of his books The Choice. The book is short, about 170 pages, but the lessons I learned from this one of the stunning Og Mandino books was remarkable. No sooner I finished reading The Choice than I ordered some more books by the […]

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best books to be more successful in life

9 Best Books On Success To Skyrocket Your Achievements

You can not ignore the fact: The more books on success you read the more successful you become. Books on success do not only make you successful but also help you make peace with yourself. Every book on success we read gives us life lessons. These lessons, if modeled, tend to transform the life for […]

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