Stop Following Leaders, Saints and Gurus

One evening I was roaming around my house. I perceived swarm of people encircled by a playground. When I reached the place, I noticed a monkey-show was being held. I curiously kept a brick in the front row and sat on it.  As the show began, cheers came from the crowd. Some clapped, some danced and I whistled.

When the master lifted his left leg the little-monkey laughed and did the same. When the master raised his both hands and began dancing, of course, this time also the little-monkey lifted his hands and danced like his master did. The crowd hailed when both the entertainers did headstand.

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At the end of show, some people gave coins and some offered bananas to them. Younger ones merrily gifted their marbles and stones to the little-monkey.

When everyone moved towards their houses, master kept all the money in his pocket and began eating the fruit. now, as we know, little-monkey is same as the rest of the notorious monkeys of the world.

You can never eat bananas in front of them. If you ever try, they will scrape your face and snatch it from you. No sooner did the master ate the first banana and peeled the second one the little-monkey shrieked and grabbed the fruit from him.

When the master showed anger on him, the little-monkey injured him with the marbles and stones, and climbed up the tree and then disappeared. For the next few hours, the master cried in pain and then left the place.

I often saw this little-monkey putting his face in society’s garbage and drains, searching for food. As a few days passed by, the little famished monkey became violent and began attacking the residents.

One day, I found the monkey lying in the drain, head and body hidden in the garbage. Of course, the little-monkey was passed away.

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After a few days, when the master got the news, he came to our society.

Sobbingly, he said: ‘I had fed Chotu (little-monkey) for over eight years. We had done shows in front of thousands of people in these eight years. But now I see Chotu was a non-sense like other animals.’

‘In these eight years, he didn’t learn anything. Instead of just following me, if he had learnt something, he would have never died like this. Now, I feel ashamed of being his master. He has let me down. ’

I have seen people following gurus, saints and leaders. They try to imitate them and by quoting their words they impress others. They waste their whole life in leading the steps of others. I found this trick of impressing people by someone else’s word a monkey’s work.

I am not saying that we should stop listening what leaders are trying to tell us. We must always listen what they have said and then try to implement it in our own life.

If the words improve our life then we should find our own path through them, but never become their follower because we all are born leaders.

Leaders don’t follow. Leaders don’t talk to their followers. Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Buddha, Jesus and other saints and leaders only came on this earth to awake the leaders from within us.

Remember leaders do not develop monkeys, but leaders.

Another thing I found is that if a man fails to find someone to follow, he starts following the money. Obviously, the biggest motivation on this planet is money. Wherever there is money, this man will drop by.

It does not matter what is the path, be it a good or bad, he just wants to stuff his stomach with money.  When he suffers from money-poisoning he alone wallows in his money-vomiting. This is the end of followers of money.

If not money then he follows his religion and lifts his finger on other religions. Now he feels good. He is relaxed as there is someone who is leading him.

He thinks he can’t go astray. He has dots to follow. He is full of confidence. He has belief on his leader, in his religion. He takes his next step by joining a religious group. Now, either he ends up his life as a member of the community or if he is an eloquent orator, he ends up as the one-eyed-king in the blind world.

This is the right time we should unfollow our leaders and start our own journey towards leadership. Remember we all are born absolutely unique from each other.

What I can do, you cannot do. And what you can do, I cannot even think of. The world is still empty without our words. I wonder how Ralph Waldo told us to separate ourselves from this world in just one sentence, ‘Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave the trail.’ 

Since the beginning of this planet, no one is born like you. Read the words what leaders have written and through them find your own path. Before departing this world, give away what you have got.

Stop Following Leaders, Saints and Gurus: Action Plan

  1. Read at least one book a week and try to apply the information in your life. Books are the great medium to talk with the leaders. (The Book I Suggest: June)
  2. Vow that you will do every work by yourself. It is essential. As you start doing the things by your own, you will do mistakes and committing mistakes are not at all bad until you are learning from them.
  3. Observe people around you. Learn something good from the people you meet. Everyone has some good qualities. Always look at the good side of people. But always stay away from the immoral company. (How to be Wise in Life)
  4. Always do your best in helping others. Remember whatever you give to the world it will return to you. Give pain and in return get pain. Give love and let people love you.

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