The Loss Of Mintu’s Shoes And Mind

By the end of January, the marriage functions in India reach its zenith. And then there are millions of stories of sorrows and joys of families and friends attending the occasion originates. Every guest, suited and booted in branded and not-so-branded clothes have a story behind their excitement to look better than others. And such […]

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Recovering From The Lazy Days

Recovering From The Lazy Days: The New Secrets Of Life

It has been around three weeks since I wrote anything. I wanted to write but always failed to make up my mind to sit and type the words on paper. This is what leaders call procrastination or lack of motivation. Most writers are the hypocrite. They do procrastination like other people does. Even the writers, […]

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I Want To Die

I have no one to call as mine. Guruprabhas died long years ago from lung’s cancer. He cried for two whole years in his pain and then, one calm, chilly morning, he was relieved from his sufferings, from this world. Urmila blamed me behind his death. She thought it was I from whom he inhabited […]

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Story of Me and My small room

In search of peace, I left the rented palatial apartment in the beginning of my third year of graduation and moved to this small room. I sold all my old belongings except my red printed curtains before coming here. I’ve no idea what made me bring these curtains here but I feel good to see […]

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On Way to Her School

It was a premature morning. The sun was rising behind the hills. The cock awoke and prepared itself to cry out its alarm. The birds chirped about the sky, the women waddled about the house and the milkman serviced the streets. Kalu, son of the baniya who ran a grocery store, came out from his house and […]

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