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Strive For A Better Life: The Best Project You Can Ever Do

‘Trin-trinnn-trinnn,’ there goes the second snooze of your alarm. The promise you made with yourself of waking up early in the morning and getting the things done got failed. Now, you run at the speed of Bugatti, finishing the household works, trying to reach your office on time.

Traffic jammed. Everyone blow the horn. Life is like that tornado. You are annoyed. People are going mad on each other. After a few minutes, traffic police comes and open the jam. You start your engine towards your office.

No sooner you reach the workplace your boss will be waiting for a bundle of files to drop on your head. You’re frustrated. Blood pressure is high. You’ve to complete all the files by today. You sit on the chair and immediately start working on it.

You had already missed the breakfast in the morning and now you’ve to skip the lunch. If you won’t, you’ve to spend extra hours in the office.

Now, without blinking, you’re working. After hours of back-breaking work, you manage to finish your files.

Finally, you reach your home exhausted, upset, not in the mood to talk to anyone.

Hhuuff…that was not an easy day, right? Even most people don’t notice where their life went. We never realise that we are not working for ourself, but for our boss, family, and kids.

Well, I would not say that it’s not good to work for money and success but the success you’ll get is half-hearted that will only spread unhappiness all around.

Why live so lethargically? Why run the rat race daily? Why postpone the living? Why not breathe and breathe and breathe. Most of us even don’t know how to breathe properly. What are we waiting for? A new birth?

My Story- My Inspiration Towards A Better Life

Two years ago, I came to know about my problem of asthma. It was genetic and I avoided doing anything about it. Later in life, in 2014, I got an acute asthma attack. I was terribly sick.

It was a life-changing moment when something from within slapped me and shouted, ‘Wake up! Start working on yourself. Live your life according to your choices and not circumstances.’

Since then, the best project I ever did is working on myself. I came up with the disease. I was the laziest person and procrastinator on the earth, but I changed my circumstances and became better than before. Now I can say I’m living a healthy and better life.

As a wise saying goes, ‘It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.’

Below are the areas that I developed which helped me to live a better life.

  • Public speaking — one of the biggest challenge.
  • Observer — the art of taking quick and calculative decisions and risks.
  • Time management — the number one habit towards success in life.
  • Attractive — not only by looks but also in personality.
  • Fitness — not only physically but also mentally. I’m still working on it as it’s something that is necessary to create big in life.
  • Controlled my anger which was my worst enemy.

While reading you might feel like an engine who is ready to go miles but don’t let the roar of engine cool down once you are done with this article. After reading the post, do the best project of your life.

Steps Towards Your Better Life

Below are a few habits that helped me to live an epic life. I’m sure it’s really going to help you too.

1. Early to Bed, Early to Rise, make a person Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

We all recited this poem when we were in kindergarten. The people who wake up early in the morning are productive, energetic and above all enjoy the gift of nature.

I encourage you to rise with the sun and start your day brilliantly.

Sleep not more than 6-7 hours. Wake up soon and do the best project of your life. It will take time; you will feel tired initially but don’t give up! C’mon it’s for your best project and better days.

2. Place For Silence

Yes, you read it right. I am talking about silence. Every day, we forget that our body and mind needs to cool down. Everything needs to be calm for a while. The body works like a machine and if overexerted it gets destroyed.

Set a place for yourself. It could be a garden, a room or the temple nearby and spend about thirty minutes. Fix the time so that every day when you begin from your house you feel like the place is already waiting for you.

3. Stop Watching Television

Finding out what the hero did to save her heroine and what the villain is going to get something out of trickery will not help you to find the purpose behind your birth.

Television is not taking us anywhere in life, but it is destroying our health. Instead, start doing something creative. You can do reading and writing. Cooking also enhances the mind and is a stress buster.

For an hour or two keep your mobile phone away and spend time with your kids, play with them or talk to your wife and parents.

4. An Hour on Your Hobby

There are a lot of benefits of having a hobby. I’ve shared below the best ever article I’ve read on passion.

Before Leaving…

Fix a time for your activities because practising something daily at the same time becomes a ritual. Stay strong with your decisions and make yourself accountable for it.

It takes 21 days to form a habit. Stick with your new activities for 21 days.

Think about changing your own life first because If you’ll remain happy, you can make others happy.

Don’t wait for anyone. Make your life better today.

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  1. Superb post and brilliantly sums up the rat race yuga we are in. Should definitely use this as a motivator.Brilliant writing.

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