“Superhuman In You” Helping People To Lead The Life Of Dharma (righteousness)

I was a college student when I took reading seriously. At first, I started reading fiction. Later, spiritual and self-improvement books interested me more.

Spiritual books worked like a magic for me. I began to live alone and spent most of my time in reading books and understanding spirituality. I modeled spirituality for a couple of years and transformed my perspective towards life in the best possible way.

During my practice of spirituality, I learned how:

  1. To live a life without worries.
  2. You can deeply connect yourself with the God.
  3. To achieve everything in life by following the law of detachment.
  4. To apply the law of attraction in life to attract wealth, happiness and physical and mental health.

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Believe that you are God’s Gift. And let Him help to discover the Real You.

In this book, I’ve explored the different ways to help you achieve flawless treasures and happiness in life. The book will enlighten you how things work with the help of God and the ways in which God makes us more mature and stronger.The book includes the wisdom of:

  • Holy Bible
  • Holy Quran
  • Guru Granth Sahib
  • And The Thoughts of Wise People

which will help you to lead a life of dharma (righteousness).

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Feed Yourself With Faith

What I’ve found after spending hundreds of hour in improving my life is that most people fail in their life not because they do not have experience or knowledge but because they have a lack of faith.

Faith is like a living being. You need to feed it continues to transform your life. The more you feed the faith, the more you develop self-confidence, self-discipline, patience, and diligence in life.


Faith is the beginning of all achievements. Whether you develop faith in yourself or in your work or on the God, it is the first rule to achieve anything in life.

By feeding myself with faith I created a simple system for effectiveness, self-discipline, and productivity.

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The Positive Changes That “Superhuman In You” Will Help You Make are How to:

  • Find the purpose behind life.
  • Overcome problems and fears.
  • Understand what is God’s plans for you.
  • Get maximum results in life by the law of detachment.
  • Lead a life of righteousness.
  • Be extraordinary from ordinary.
  • Mandate excel in both personal and professional life.
  • Apply the law of attraction in life.
  • Improve interpersonal skills.
  • Develop world-class habits.
  • Empower and transform your life.

superhuman in youSuperhuman In You

The Book Hides Nothing And Shows The Inner World (More Reviews)

Superhuman In You” is really inspiring and totally impressive. I read it in just two days. To write your first book is truly a great deal and to give your soul to it is much greater. The book hides nothing and shows the inner world. I wish you all success and prosperity in the future. Keep writing  – Aditi Corby, Reader

I can never explain how much I’ve learned from your book, Nakul Grover. The lessons contained in it took me on a new journey, one that is positive and hopeful. I learned to embrace every day with a humble and reasonable confidence in myself and my abilities. – Meenakshi Kundal, Reader

I’ve never read this kind of short and mesmerizing topics. – Arya, Reader

Your work is amazing and full of inspiration. I’ve recommended the book to everyone I know. Thank you so much for writing this great piece. – Pallabi, Reader

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