work smart or hard

Work Smart Or Work Hard – What Should You Do?

Estimated Reading Time – 3 Minutes Yes, I do believe in smart work if I’m not willing to work hard. As a writer, the only smart work I can do is to take the content from different books or websites and create articles to fill up this website. But then I have never been any […]

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Sing Your Own Song

Whole my life I’m surrounded with the friends who are quarrelsome and garrulous by birth, and aggressive in demeanor. I am one among them. I’ve read somewhere that a man becomes what he reads and what sort of people surrounds him. I did no reading in school. It was later, my curiosity towards English, I […]

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The Girl in Gol Bazaar, Ganganagar

Dawn crept quietly over the sleeping Ganganagar. I saw father waddling about the house, rubbing his hands under the nipping blanket of winter. Though he was covered up with an overcoat over a couple of warm shirts, he was quivering and looked somewhat frail.             I climbed down my bed and walked to verandah. I […]

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