motivate yourself

8 Easy Ways To Motivate Yourself and Kick-Start The Day

It’s been over a couple of months, I’ve been doing wonderfully in my studies as well as being able to spend a plentiful amount of time to update this blog. All it happens because there are so many small activities that buttress me and motivate me to get more out of the day. These activities […]

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Love Silence

Why I Love Silence (And You Should, Too!)

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes In the extreme desire of becoming a writer and helping others to live their best self, I took reading seriously. Spending hours in the libraries, reading books, I began to live in solitude. Truly, I read a few books till the end; most of the books in my collection are […]

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Short Non-fiction books

7 Excellent Short Self-Help Books To Change Your Life

The common question I’ve been asked many times that what is the one key that will develop individual’s personal and professional life. Well, the only answer is positive messages. One of the biggest and definite philosophies I’ve read is the universe is not punishing us or blessing us. The universe is just responding to the […]

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