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47 Phenomenal Proverbs To Make You A Wise Human Being

A proverb, derived from the Latin proverbium, is a saying that is based on common sense. A lot of proverbs may enlighten you towards wisdom. However, some of the proverbs may sound unacceptable to you, such as: “A dog, a wife and a walnut tree, the more you beat them the better they will be.” […]

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Recovering From The Lazy Days

Recovering From The Lazy Days: The New Secrets Of Life

It has been around three weeks since I wrote anything. I wanted to write but always failed to make up my mind to sit and type the words on paper. This is what leaders call procrastination or lack of motivation. Most writers are the hypocrite. They do procrastination like other people does. Even the writers, […]

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202 Motivational Quotes On Success To Inspire Your Life

It’s a misconception that success is all about money freedom. It’s not at all about money. Success is a journey where a man masters the art of patience and perseverance. There is no end of the journey. Artists, leaders, and even saints continue to work harder every day on their journey. Success is avoiding the […]

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